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Miami Social Starts Tonight on Bravo

Bravo TV’s newest docu-drama series, Miami Social, starts tonight at 10 pm EST. Here’s the show description from the website:

Miami is an international cultural melting pot filled with the young, gorgeous and wealthy looking to live the good life. South Americans, East Coasters, native Floridians…everyone comes to Miami for the sun and fun – it’s a city that specializes in people that work hard and play even harder. In Miami Social, Bravo will follow a successful group of friends who are some of the most connected and interesting young professionals in South Beach, as they go from the city’s night life, to the board room, to magazine offices where they lead their intertwined lives.

Let me take a deep breath.

I honestly wish Bravo and the cast of Miami Social all the best in this new series, but I can tell you I am not particularly interested in the series. I don’t care one bit for the image of Miami as “party central home to the beautiful people,” and that’s all I’m seeing here, at least based on the info on the site and the promos on TV. I try my best to highlight the side of Miami that is more than that stereotypical perception, and a show that reduces the city merely to the socialite games of South Beach instinctively bothers me.

I’ll give the first episode a chance to be fair, but it has an uphill battle to gain me as a regular viewer. I mean, who knows, maybe there is more to it and I’ll end up having to eat my words (which I would happily do, so you’d read about it here as well). We’ll see.

Miami-Dade Twitter Directory

The following is a directory of Miami-Dade entities on Twitter. As far as I can tell, these are all legitimate accounts kept by the respective companies/entities.

This is a work in progress, and your help is greatly appreciated.





TV News

  • /wsvn – WSVN Channel 7 (Fox)
  • /nbc6hd – WTBJ Channel 6 (NBC)


Side note: Really, this is all there is out there? There’s gotta be more, right? I mean, compare Seattle.

Morning Fishing

Morning Fishing

At the intracoastal, off the 79th Street Causeway bridge between North Bay Village and Miami Beach.

Oh my Delano

A few weekends ago I was at the Delano. I haven’t been there in awhile and you can always learn a fashion faux paux or two or even three. In a span of an hour, I saw a meathead wearing a fur coat and fur hat playing pool. A bunch of platinum grills, many pantyless college girls eating sushi, and silicone as far the eye could see (and that was just the guys).

Please tell me does a $45 martini really taste that good?

The Scene at Segafredo


Miami is great for people watching and the best place to do it is on Lincoln Road.

And Segafredo is the best place on Lincoln Road – one block east of the movie theater on Alton – for cocktails and people watching. They bring free chips and peanuts to the table, and you might even get comped a mini pizza if you keep the drink orders coming. (I’ve had many inch-square cubes of cheese pizza on a toothpick from this place that will attest to that.)

You could spend hours drinking Prosecco and talking smack about the crazy human parade…

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