Scrambled Beer (Chile, 2007, 92 mins.) – 25th MIFF

Vladimir and Jorge -two school friends already in their mid twenties- cross paths after many years. While Vladimir is a bohemian and has just been evicted from his apartment because he’s fallen behind on his rent, Jorge is a very disciplined chemistry professional, who holds a steady job, has a girlfriend and still leaves with his parents. They talk while sharing a cocktail called Scrambled Beer (dark beer and raw eggs blended together). At some point in the conversation they decide to rent a house together. And here is when things get interesting…

Besides the obvious problems of two radically different personalities adjusting to live together, something weird happens: Vladimir begins to experience temporal displacements and his life gets really complicated. At the same time Jorge… well, let’s say he has a surprise hidden up his sleeve.

Outrageously funny, this first film of Chilean director Cristobal Valderrama is yet another example of the fresh breeze this new generation of filmmakers is bringing to the big screen. This is a small story about human relationships, friendships, love and why not, some mystical undertones. Using the disguise of a comedy the director explores the darkest corners of his character’s souls. But do not be fooled. This is the kind of comedy in the best tradition of directors like Alex de la Iglesia, visually rich, conceptually paradoxical and sharp as a 2 sides sword. The film narrative is nothing but lineal and keeps jumping forward to the future and then back to the past to the point you’ll loose track when is the present. It will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last moment.

Get ready to relax, laugh and… enjoy!

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