The Girls (Chile, 2007, 65 mins.) -25th MIFF

Director Rodrigo Marin makes a very promising debut with this film telling the story of two girls -Antonia and Sophie- and the conflictive relationship between them. One of them is liable to have breast cancer and this stirs the dinamic of their relationship in a new way.  It is an intimate film -uncomfortably intimate at some moments since Marin manages the camera angles and close-ups in a way that takes the viewer right in the middle of the relationship.

The action occurs in Sophie’s small appartment. The constrains and discomfort of the space seem to be the reflection of the ones on the relationship. Along the 3 acts of the film the story develops and we get a better idea of what goes on between them with the help of contextual interviews with friends, ex-boyfriends, teachers. As in a gestaltic game these interviews take place on open spaces, creating an outrageous contrast with the oppresive intimacy of the relationship between Antonia and Sophie. The final act will reveal the hidden element creating the conflict…

Rodrigo Marin wrote and directed using experimental techniques. The main actresses had been rehearsing separately without meeting of knowing about the other one. They actually met at the set the first day of the production.

Oh! did i mentioned it is in black and white? yeah…

A small story but a refreshing one and a very good example of the vision of this new generation of chilenean filmakers.

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