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MB Police Ready For Action


Tourists and partyers in Miami Beach – beware ! This bus is parked out in front of the Miami Beach Police Station and it will most likely be full by later tonight. Don’t drink and drive – don’t even drink and walk – stay in the clubs !

Why I Work For The Leukemia Society

I’m raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

It’s a pretty big deal.

I’m supporting this organization because the “gay community” has proven itself to be extremely effective at raising funds for its own causes, like political organizations and AIDS research and care–but we don’t have to support our own causes all the time. As I’m a part of that “community,” I think we should contribute to the world around us.

But it doesn’t matter what your reason is. Please, go to this page:

Dan Renzi

On that page you can make a donation. In Miami, $20 will buy you about 2 drinks. And everyone I know drinks more than that on any given night. If we can afford overpriced liquor, we can afford giving to the leukemia & lymphoma society. And I promise, as much fun as those drinks are, this will feel better.

The event will be June 8, 2007, at the Hyatt Regency in Fort Lauderdale. Lots of blue-blood corporate types will be there, should you wish to network with people who have lots of money.

If you’ve never given money to a charity before, now is your chance. This is a recording. Please wait for the beep. Thank you.

Drought to Deluge


Rainy Season has arrived. Here’ s some major flooding on 95 North this morning. However, we are still in the drought , according to this Herald article.

Alien Crack House ?


Somewhere in SoFi old sneakers hang from the power lines. Usually this advertises a crack house. Seems the alien got stuck on his way there.

Kiteboarding Miami

Later yesterday afternoon, I went out to Key Biscayne to pick up fresh tuna at the boat docks. The wind was howling out of the fiery West so the Kiteboarders were out in full force. This video was shot from the side of Rickenbacker Causeway.

Jumpin’ Jimbo’s !

On the way back I stopped in at Jimbo’s for a cold brew. Normally Jimbo’s is quite laid back, but yesterday it was jumping! Some DJ’s by the name of Heavy Duty Sounds were spinning a hot mix and everyone, sitting in the easy chairs, on the docks and under the palms was really getting into it. A big difference between Jimbo’s and South Beach Clubland – The choice here is whether to have a $2 or a $3 beer – instead of a $350 bottle of vodka or a $ 500 bottle of champagne. If anyone knows the proper name of this group or their website please let us know in the comment cloud below.

Another Smoky Day


This shot was taken on Wednesday, and it looks like this right now. It’s also 90 degrees, so the sensation is like sitting next to a fireplace when the chimney is clogged.

Big Picture

Courtesy of NOAA.

Smoke !


Choking smoke is covering the Miami area at the moment. Herald article here. Winds circulating south from a developing extratropical storm system off Georgia and South Carolina are carrying smoke from fires in Southwest Georgia down the western Florida coast .Those same winds fan fires started by lightning from Sunday night’s big storm. East of Naples a 13000 acre ( 20 square miles ) fire rages. That smoke joined the Georgia smoke and is now blowing eastward over Miami. Be cautious when exercising outdoors over the next few days – unless of course you’re surfing – great waves are being produced by the same system.

Let Freedom Ring…

The Air and Sea Show came upon this great city of ours over the weekend… I was too busy doing very American things… like working and home repair… so I couldn’t go but I do work near the Ft. Lauderdale beach… and thats where this little shindig is held each year… so I could see and hear all the planes and stuff passing overhead.

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