I’m Not As Stupid As You Think I Is…

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
– Declaration Of Independence, 1776

Equal opportunity is a descriptive term for an approach intended to provide a certain social environment in which people are not excluded from the activities of society, such as education, employment, or health care, on the basis of immutable traits.
– Wikipedia

One of the most ignorant things that come up during a debate concerning the pursuit of Happiness is that somehow everyone has a shot at attaining some fraction of what the pursuit of Happiness has to offer. People love to wash themselves of responsibility… it’s the American way… and wash themselves they do.

Education is where the pursuit of happiness starts. This is where we, as a people, gain tools… social and intellectual…. to compete in this pursuit. I use the word “compete” ’cause essentially thats what it is… a competition. You know, which one of us can squeeze more out of this so called pursuit of happiness by the time we reach a plateau in life when we can actually enjoy it.. I mean, c’mon… god forbid your neighbor has more wax on his BMW than you.

Without education, our society would resemble some sorta primitive tribe (I had a photo still pop up in my head of a clip from “The Island Of Dr. Moreau”). Education prevents us from being a third world country. No matter what type of gig your looking to involve yourself in, education is a must. Even people in the porn industry need some sort of education, albeit their education is a bit more lively than most.

I’m a firm believer in public education… I think people who send their kids to private schools are elitists… hiding their children away from the big bad scary blue collar kids and all those spooky minorities. I think that children should be exposed to all different types of cultures and philosophies… I feel it’s an extremely important part of becoming a well rounded individual (although I’m sure some people would fight me on that).

I’m also a big supporter of teachers… from their own personal pay to giving them the tools necessary to have a solid classroom in order to work from.

Just a bit of researching on http://www.nea.org/index.html can bring about a more clear picture of how wasted we are when it comes to our childrens teachers. Here in Miami, we fare no better my friends.
Teacher $30K
Mngmt. Trainee $37.5K
Registered Nurse $43K

So… when reading about how local tax dollars make up the majority of public school funding, I start to think to myself… local tax dollars fluctuate from city to city, right? Well… what does this mean for kids in urban areas where local tax dollars aren’t as much as say, white collar areas? I mean… if you just glance over some of the comparisons athttp://www.greatschools.net/ and check out the differences in areas… you’ll see how “equal” our education is.

It seems that in places where the job market is less than spectacular, the schools suffer from that. If dad is working at a labor job or mom is a house cleaner… well… you sure as hell are probably sharing a text book with ten other kids.

You don’t have to think too hard about what happens in a school that is underfunded… more violence, more drop outs, and more problems with teachers. Hell, not only are you getting paid shit wages but now your working at a school that receives shit funds… a recipe for disaster.

Local government is responsible for preserving the integrity of our public schools… and seeing as though most of their children are enrolled in private schools, I’m sure they’ve got better things to do than figure out how to funnel more money into low income area schools… in Maimi/Dade county we found much more tio involve ourselves with other than frunding… like replacing a third of the School Board, firing the superintendent, and denying an initiative to borrow $749 million for new schools.

Miami… hell, South Florida has more people coming here per year than anywhere else in the country… and that includes all the immigrants from Haiti and Cuba. We are running out of real estate and we’re starting to build up instead of out… and thats totally cool with me. Whats not cool is that the more people who come here… the more glaring our ignorance of public funds for education becomes.

Miami needs to learn that in order to become “equal” concerning the pursuit of Happiness… we need to make sure that schools in urban areas, such as Sunland Park Elementary, (that has an enrollment of 98% black) have the same amount of funds to spend per student as does Eagle Ridge Elementary, which has an enrollment of 68% white and 10% black.

Equality? Fairness? Even footing for all of us to enjoy the capitalistic greed that encompasses every American household? I don’t know about that… but I’m sure if I didn’t grow up in a nice Jewish suburb of Chicago this little bog wouldn’t haven’t been written by me.

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