Sex offenders forced to live under a bridge

Miami New Times has a fascinating (in that stare-at-a-car-wreck way) article about the plight of homeless sex offenders, who are rebuffed from entering traditional shelters. But they need to go somewhere, where they can be tracked down for the Sex Offender registry. So what to do? Make them sleep under a bridge, where cops can come check on them every morning, to make sure they haven’t wandered off.

You just have to read it. What a weird story. Click here.

It’s important to note these people are caught in a post-legal limbo of sorts: not only are they barred from homeless shelters, they’ll never receive any legitimate assistance with entering the workforce, thereby trapping them in a homeless state forever. But by making them all sleep under a bridge together, it’s as if the state is just waiting for the bums to commit an offense again, so they can be locked up for good. Is this really the way we make the world a safer place? And who else are the poilce hiding under bridges? Excuse me while I never drive over a bridge again.

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