State Senator wants ‘illegal alien’ outlawed

aliens3.jpegState Senator Frederica Wilson has her undies in a bunch over the term “illegal alien,” and has sponsored a bill to eliminate the term from state documents. To paraphrase my favorite alien, Yoda: “Mmm, very rude, this term to Frederica is.” Indeed. But don’t worry, even if Sen. Wilson gets her wish, you’ll still be able to say it out loud whenever you like. No one is going to rob you of your rights to be as ignorant and unsensitive as you wanna be.

The term “illegal alien” refers to immigrants who are in the US without legal permission; it was coined back in the 1700’s, when the country was becoming legal itself. But now the term is generally used when referring to those pesky folks from south of our various borders like Mexico and South America and wherever. You know, calling them “illegal aliens” just makes things easier, it reminds everyone what a nuisance they are. The nerve they have, sneaking into our country to look for work so they can afford food. .

It is an odd term, to be sure; although, so is most of what President Bush says, so I wouldn’t know where to start correcting US government language. Or what about “novus ordo seclorum,” which is right here on my dollar bill? I don’t even know what that means.

Sen. Wilson does get a bit carried away with the situation, however, trying a little too hard to rally the P.C. police to the front lines. Her remarks include this:

”All of us are immigrants except the American Indian,” Wilson said. “Now how would we like it if they called us aliens?”

Well, two things: one, when white people first started showing up back in the day, some American Indians actually did think they were aliens. Which is funny. And second, I’m actually not an immigrant. I was born here in the US. So were my family members from, like, 5 generations ago. For whatever it’s worth, you aren’t an immigrant either. So you might want to get off the “immigration” cross, there might be someone who needs the wood for a raft.

State Senator wants ‘illegal alien’ outlawed [Miami Herald]

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  1. Carlos (unregistered) on March 7th, 2007 @ 12:55 am

    Dan, you did good on picking this note… it is somewhat interesting… though I am a bit surprised to see how much time a US Senator has in her hands (With all due respect to Senator Wilson)…while reading the Herald’s note, I noticed the goodness of her intentions to make it unacceptable to referr to Undocumented Immigrants”…as “Illegal Aliens”…which she felt is derrogatory to these individuals in official documents. Now the interesting part of all these is that, the true definition of the word Alien has no derrogatory meaning to it… and In my opinion there is no Shame in being an Immigrant neither!.

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