Just Another Sunday To Me


In case you’re like me, you might not be aware – or care – that the Superbowl is in town this weekend. The folks over the the Miami Herald reminded me of this fact with their picture of the day (above) taken at Tootsie’s Cabaret. They tout themselves as a great place to watch the game – given their 30-plus plasma screens and their 10-plus projection screens. Not to mention all the (99%) naked ladies. The wheel these girls are spinning – it’s called the Wheel of Friction. I wonder if the Herald used a little of ye olde photoshoppe effects to blur out the options, which include $100 Tootsie Dollars, $100 Gift Certificate for a Tattoo and 10 Free Drinks among others. Sounds like a good night. With or without the Superbowl. (And I’m not going through a stripper thing – it’s just a coincidence, dammit!)

Anyway, in case you are interested there are two great teams going against each other. More than likely they’re named after strong, noble animals known for attacking or charging. (Unless you’re the Dolphins, which are just cute, and can jump through rings for snacks.) More than likely the score will be overwhelmingly lopsided. More than likely, millions will get heartburn. And millions will be spent on heartburn advertising. More than likely Miami will be one giant clusterfuck – just like it is every big out-of-towner weekend – and locals will be loathe to leave their houses.

So yeah, every sports anchor with a budget is standing on the beach or in front of some Art Deco hotel, gabbing some cutesie story about all the tickets being offered or asked for on Craigslist and how not to get taken for a ride. And all the travelling members of the worlds oldest profession have surely checked into their hotels – that they will only see in daytime hours. Beer will be bought, chili will be eaten, and the strippers will keep on stripping.

I love Miami. Even on Super Bowl weekend.

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