Miami Vices


Not since the days of Miami Vice has there been so much Miami-style murder and mayhem on television. I love it. Especially since Dexter, the Showtime series pictured above actually uses the building I live in for one of its locations. That’s it right up there, in fact, in the opening credits. That’s right. Dexter – that serial-killing do-gooder actually lives in my aparment building. And let me tell you – when Showtime comes to film at your location, you better be damn quiet. And no walking around or anything. And definitely no opening or closing any doors. You’d think the Pope was on location instead of Michael C. Hall.

Anyway, in addition to Dexter, as Bennett pointed out, our city is also host to part of the CBS franchise CSI: Miami. (I have never been able to watch a complete episode of this show because David Caruso just creeps me out to no end. Click on Bennett’s link below and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.) And, as they say in infomercials, that’s not all folks: we’ve also got TLC’s Miami Ink and – not to be left behind – Animal Planet’s Miami Animal Police. That’s what’s on the air currently that I know of. Anybody got any others? Or shows from the past that deserve some props? Worst all time Miami-based show? Need to jar your memory? Check out IMDB for a bunch of titles.

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