Chihuly’s Back at Fairchild


For those of you (like me) who missed the Chihuly exhibit at Fairchild Tropical Garden last year, it’s back. And thank god, because I visited Fairchild (with Bennett) after the exhibition was over, loved the experience, and was really bummed I hadn’t gone during the exhibit.

We had put off going because the entrance fee seemed a bit on the high side. At $20 per adult for regular admission, and $30 per adult for the Chihuly show, that’s an expensive date – considering there’s no open bar.

Thankfully, Fairchild has a membership program which makes it worth going if you plan on visiting more than once. And you should, because …

… although I’ve been told by friends who’ve seen it, that the Chihuly exhibit looked beautiful in the evenings, from my experience, the plants and flowers must be best in the daytime when all the vibrant colors are visible. (For example: picture above, taken with a regular camera on a regular outdoor setting!)

So go more than once, and if you go during the day, keep an eye out for giant iguanas, egrets, and even – my favorite – turtles! And try not to take the tram – unless you’re aiming for an ironic, retro, old Florida retiree experience. If so, then by all means. But I think I guided a walking tour makes for a longer, less insulated experience. And if you go at night for the Chihuly (6pm to 9pm until March, when they have extended hours – until 9:30! woo yeah!) look out for me and Bennett – we’ll make it there eventually.

But seriously, take advantage of membership: When I went, it was with Bennet and his mother and he paid for the three of us. He was able to apply that payment to his membership, so he got the Family membership for just $40 dollars more and now we can go an unlimited number of times for a whole year and we can take two of our cheapskate friends with us for free. Be aware, though, they still charge extra for the Chihuly exhibit even if you’re a member.

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  1. Tanya (unregistered) on January 5th, 2007 @ 3:50 pm

    The Chihuly show is DEFINITELY worth it- I’ve been 3 times- and if you are stealth you can sneak past the ticket lady. I was a poor college student when I did that so if you have a respectable job just cough up the $20 because it is honestly beautiful.

  2. Eira (unregistered) on January 5th, 2007 @ 4:50 pm

    You should definitely check out their website – they are going all out for this Chihuly go-around.

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