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Jeb !


Yesterday I went to an event where our Governor was speaking. The subject was on Latin American affairs – very important for Miami. There is a lot of speculation on what his next job will be – he leaves office in 64 days- most likely it will involve moving back to Miami and working on Latin American issues. To continue his excellent pro-Miami policies , one should vote for Charlie Crist. He understands our role as a world power and the need for excellent trade and diplomatic relations. His opponent would concentrate power from Tallahassee – creating huge bureaucracy when quick decisions are needed !

Greedy gas companies


Between the Citgo boycott, South Beach’s gas gouging and Exxon Mobile’s obscene profits, now comes some game playing for dollars. I have it from a reliable source that the Liberty Gas station on Coral Way and SW 22nd Avenue deliberatly disables the “pay at the pump” feature so that people are forced to go inside and pay and hopefully buy some other items while inside.

If you are in a rush and want to avoid the long obnixous lines inside, do yourself a favor and use the gas station across the street or down the block. They actually have respect for their customers and allow people the choice of paying at the pump.

Taste of South Florida


Taste of South Florida is on this weekend, starting today at the Miami Dade Expo Center (you know, the Youth Fair grounds). It’s a good weekend to get out and enjoy the food along with the cool weather.

Going on:
Exhibiting South Florida Restaurants
Culinary Chef Shows, The Health Zone, Home and Kitchen Zone
Live Entertainment, Latin, Jazz, Top 40, Children’s Corner and more
Strolling musicians at Restaurant Row
The Marketplace, Arts, Crafts and more
This runs Oct. 27 to 29, 2006 — 15.00 adults admission (children under 12 free) – parking is free

Fri: 5 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Sat: 12 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Sun: 12 p.m. – 10 p.m.

For info:

In the Park with Art


The 16th Annual “In the Park with Art” is being held at Coral Reef Park this weekend. Here’s a picture from last year. It’s really nice, the setting is very victorian, you feel like you are in a painting yourself.

The event is Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. The park is at 7985 SW 152nd Street. It’s easy to find. There is music and of course art and food. For more info, call 305-238-0703 or visit:


All over Dade County ,where traffic laws normally seem non-existent – a huge crackdown is going on. Beware ! Up and down A1A and on 95 yesterday it seemed there were flashing lights behind hapless pull-overs every few hundred yards . This morning there was heavy activity on US1 in Coral Gables and points South. Expect this to go on for a few more days – these blitzes happen a few times a year to make people behave on the roads.

Sobe gas stations are gouging


Gas all over South Beach is still close to $3.00 a gallon, while gas all over the rest of Dade is as low as $2.22 per gallon. Why? Can this be anything other than gas gouging? This photo was taken at the Shell station at Alton Road and 17th Street in Sobe. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Dexter – Miami-based thriller tv show


I purposely waited a few weeks before I reviewed the new show Dexter on Showtime. In the past I’ve been very disappointed at shows that claim to be shot in Miami or about Miami. I don’t have to tell you which show I’m talking about, do I? Said show is shot mostly in California with cheesy graphics and stock images of South Beach, not to mention the overly dramatic lead actor. Moving on ..

Dexter is a very “thick” show, if I can use that word. It has drama, sex, violence, blood, mystery and actual substance. Dexter, the guy from Six Feet Under lives in a Miami Beach apartment and is obsessed with anything to do with blood. He has a job as a blood spatter expert and also is a fearless killer. Theories are flying over the Internet about the identity of the mystery ice truck killer that is killing and mutilating prostitutes (from Biscayne I’m sure) and draining their blood. Do a quick search if you want a few spoilers. I’ve seen all the shows and frankly, I love it! I have actually rearranged my Sunday TV lineup to include it – right after Amazing Race.

maggie.jpgThe show became “a real Miami” show when I saw a famous news anchor, Maggie Rodriguez from Cbs4 News, doing a story. Sounds dumb but that was cool. Apparently, she was guest anchor on “that other show” also. Why is “that other show” so popular? I can’t watch it for more than 5 minutes before my remote changes the channel on its own. My remote says, “Give me a __ break!”

I’m going to try to get a spot on Dexter as one of the hookers or a new cop that gives that Lieutenant a run for her money. Remember her from NY Undercover and Oz, I like her.

Anyway, check out Dexter on Sundays @ 10. You won’t be disappointed. I’d suggest you watch Shows 1 – 3 in advance. The plot is too complicated to understand if you don’t know why he has “issues with sex”. You really won’t get how creepy he really is either. The only bad things I have to say about that show are, he is always sweaty which is bull. Miami is not Arizona. Also, the filter that they use on the cameras is diffused, making Miami look like we are in the middle of the desert watching a mirage. Get over it, Miami has terrific weather, most of the time, and put some damn captions for the spanish dialogue. I’m afraid I’m missing something.. Oh, and he needs a new haircut. ;-)

Have a great weekend everyone .. Laters …

[Dexter Website] [Watch Episode 1 & 2 Here Online]

Uli Herzner comes in 2nd on Project Runway

ulrikeherzner2.jpgOur Miami Beach resident Uli Herzner came in 2nd on the very popular Bravo TV show Project Runway. Personally, I thought she should have won. I liked Jeffrey’s line but Uli’s looked more like something everyday women would buy. Jeffrey’s line looked like it was made for the rocker chic. Uli made a comment that she should move away from Miami to get a new perspective. Noooo!! As soon as you open up a store here – we are ALL OVER IT! Prints, tropical, clubwear, sexy .. keep up the good work Uli!! Welcome Back Home!! You are still a winner to us! Thanks for doing Miami proud.

[Project Runway] [YouTube] [Uli’s Website]

Coral Gables 100-yr old woman donated 35.6 million

Florida native’s fortune goes to local diabetes and cancer research

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – A 100-year-old woman who quietly amassed a vast fortune before her death last year left $35.6 million to local diabetes and cancer research.

Eugenia Dodson donated two-thirds of the money to the University of Miami’s Diabetes Research Institute, the largest gift in its 35-year history. The rest goes to the university’s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

“She didn’t want any recognition in her lifetime, so she directed her lawyer to keep it confidential,” said Dr. W. Jarrard Goodwin, director of the Sylvester Center. “I told her people would be grateful. She said, ‘No, I don’t want anyone to know.”‘

[Read FULL article here]

Lately, many celebrities and other rich people donate money and want all the recognition in the world. It is nice to see that someone who deserves the front page shy away from it and give truly from the heart. You never know who lives next door to you. This woman lived a very simple life and wanted to do some good to leave her mark on the world. She is probably saving hundreds of thousands of lives with this gift. Rest in peace Eugenia. ;-)

FIU vs. UM – Orange Bowl Game


This is the game I’ve been waiting for. Only available for 21.95 ON DEMAND or at the ORANGE BOWL.


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