There’s an interesting phenomenon on Miracle Mile. People are trying to be friendly, but in an annoying way.

If you go into Barnes and Noble’s music department, the second you cross the threshold, you hear a shrill voice yell out, “Hello!” And you look around and see no one, but you hear it the next time someone else enters– “Hello!” And it ends up being a small employee somewhere in the back of the store, greeting visitors.

A few stores down the block, the same happens at Jamba Juice. The whole staff stops what they are doing and they all yell out, “Hello!” and even in the middle of an order they stop what they are doing and yell out, “Hello!”

I guess this is a nice way to be friendly and it’s apparently only on Miracle Mile, because I did go to the Cingular store a few blocks away, down Ponce de Leon, and there were eight employees standing there doing nothing and when I walked in, they proceeded to ignore me and continued doing nothing; even the door greeter, which I suppose doesn’t realize what his job is.

I had to stand and beg to be waited on there. Not good. The Cingular people should take a two block field trip to Miracle Mile to see what it is all about.

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