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Rainy Season Driving

It’s going to look like this at least part of most days from now to mid October. Followed by eight months of sunshine! So far the hurricane season is looking below normal – must be very annoying to the doomsaying Al Gore types..

Optic Nerve Festival @ MOCA


The Museum of Contemporary Art is proud to present the eighth installment of Optic Nerve with two evenings of screenings on August 18 and 26.
Optic Nerve is MOCA’s very popular annual festival featuring short films and videos by some of the freshest and innovative artists in South Florida selected from an open call for submissions. The program is part of the museum’s ongoing effort to provide new venues for emerging South Florida artists

Miami Herald Webcam


A view from the Miami Herald Web cam.

P. Diddy NFL Opening Concert

NFL Opening Concert in Miami

(SOUTH BEACH) The NFL’s regular season begins September 7th, […] P Diddy’s headline performance at the Kickoff Concert in South Beach. [Read FULL article]

Its a free concert and you might get a chance to see Danity Kane perform in person instead of rewinding the youtube version on myspace a thousand times … :-) Not me .. you ..

More,Better,Cheaper Flights to BA

IMG_9766.JPG Starting next week LAN Argentina will begin nightly flights from MIA to EZE in Buenos Aires. Business and leisure travel to Argentina has doubled in the last five years,accoirding to this article in Miami Today. In response American and Aerolineas will add more flights. Recently prices shot up over $2000 RT, but now will be a more reasonable $650. Now it will be much easier to jet down and enjoy the “Paris of the South” or connect onwards to hit the ski slopes in Bariloche or Las Lenas.

All Women Gallery Show


In the recent news, many of our young people are being victimized by random acts of violence. Here is an organization working to help our children. This ‘All Women’ show at the Jakmel Art Gallery includes, poetry, paintings, dancing, music etc. Something for everyone. Personally, it is nice to see a show like this one in the heart of Miami showcasing our beautiful women and their unique and special talents. This event is to help support the charitable organization Palaloko4kids. It sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Friday evening and see some wonderful talent.

Paris Hilton & The Weather


Tuesday, August 15, 2006
7 to 9 P.M. (Press at 6 P.M.) SPECS, 501 Collins Ave.
CD Release Party @ 10 P.M. SUITE, 1437 Washington Ave.

The lovely Paris will be in our humble town next week promoting her new album which is set to be released August 22nd by Warner Brothers. [Press Release] We welcome the very talented Paris Hilton to Miami. Hope the weather holds up…

If you are near a window or near a dog, I’m sure you heard the loud thunder and saw the blinding lightning outside. A few lost souls in my neighborhood had just begun to cut the lawn. My garbage can is upright in front of my house collecting a nice sampling of rainwater but I’m not putting on a poncho to go get it. Maybe in a few hours the sun will dry it out. That’s one thing I love about Miami, we get four seasons, Rain, Hot, Cool, Hurricane !!

But the good news is the National Hurricane Center says the forecast sees fewer hurricanes than expected. [Read FULL article here] But don’t get cocky, keep on your toes. No one see the future … oh except for psychics & weathermen.. ;-)

Happy Tuesday everyone .. stay dry if you can


CSD Municipal llega hoy por la tarde para enfrentar al Miami FC el miércoles, 9 de Agosto, a las 8:00 PM en el Estadio Tropical Park. Históricamente, CSD Municipal es el equipo más importante y ganador de Guatemala. HA ganado 24 títulos nacionales de Liga (mas que ningún otro equipo chapín), 4 títulos Centroamericanos (UNCAF), 9 títulos de Copa, y un titulo de la CONCACAF. Esta es la primera vez en la historia que el actual tetracampeón de Liga de Guatemala juega un compromiso en la Florida. CSD Municipal esta en primer lugar en la actualidad tras dos fechas disputada en el Torneo Apertura 2006. En este momento, Municipal cuenta con más de 10 jugadores internacionales, ya que el “mimado de la afición” sirvió como base de la selección nacional Guatemalteca que estuvo muy cerca de clasificar a Alemania 2006. Incluido en la nomina de Municipal están Mario Acevedo, Gonzalo Romero, Freddy García, Guillermo “Pando” Ramírez, Erwin Villatoro, Carlos Figueroa, Julio Girón, Selvyn Ponciano, Paulo Cesar Motta, Pablo Melgar, Dennis Chen, y el máximo goleador de la historia del fútbol de Guatemala, Juan Carlos “Pin” Plata. Este es el segundo amistoso de alta categoría que Miami FC estará jugando en un lapso de una semana, El pasado miércoles, el club de la Primera División de la USL perdió ante el club español, Alavés, 2-1, en un entretenido partido.

CSD Municipal estará hospedando en el Hotel Sheraton Miami Mart al lado del Aeropuerto Internacional de Miami.
A petición del técnico, Enzo Tossero, Municipal va a entrenar en el Estadio Tropical Park el martes a las 4:00 PM, el miércoles a las 9:30 AM, y el jueves a las 9:30 AM.

Chris is a No-Show

Looks like Chris’ the tropical depression-storm-hurricane is a no-show, which is fine by me. It has been hotter than a ________ (you can fill in the blank). A large gray cloud hovered over Dade and Broward counties this weekend, but didn’t produce the storm it could have. Looks like Miami Vice has dried up in theaters, fell back to #2 behind Pirates of the Caribbean.

slipper.jpgMore teens dying senselessly in Miami-dade.

17-year old Otissha Burnett was shot in a spray of over 30 bullets at a block party in Miami Gardens.

[Read FULL article @]

School starts for only 39 schools today – Watch a video explaining why? @

It’s Monday everyone …



They found Fidel!

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