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Miami Beach: A Tropical Resort


“Miami Beach: A Tropical Resort,” is one of the exhibits at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida (101 W. Flagler Street).

The exhibit features items from the Art Deco period including china, artifacts, even bathing suits of the time.

This Saturday is Family Fun Day from 1 to 3 pm. For info, please call 305-375-1492 or you can visit:

Will the Prom Queen be a guy or a girl?

Calling all prom queen wannabes: Miami is hosting its first ever (and hopefully not last) Adult Prom for the LGBT crowd. That’s code for “homosexuals,” for those of you not in the PC lingo club. Chances are, if you didn’t know what LGBT stood for, this prom is not the event for you.

I had a great time at all my school dances, since I never felt the pressure of that whole “will I get lucky tonight” issue (that answer was definitely a “no,” as my date was always a girl). For me, Prom and Homecoming and such was just a chance to dance and wear fancy shoes. But I think I’m going to go to this one too, but bring a guy–it will be fun to see if I can get lucky at the prom for once. Who am I kidding? This is Miami, gay guys always give it up on the first date.

And for the record: Hetero couples are very much encouraged to attend. And trust, any straight couple who shows up at this prom will be very popular, for having the panache to recognize the best party in town.

The Pridelines GLBT Adult Prom is September 16 at the JW Marriott, on Brickell Ave. Call 305-571-9601or email To buy tickets–expensive tickets at $125, but it’s a fundraiser so you should do it–go to the Pridelines website here.

Surfs Up!


As the first bands of Ernesto approached – surfers flocked to the beach. More updates on the storm , over the next few hours – as long as I don’t lose connectivity or power.

The Banyan Grotto


I snapped this photo last night in Merry Christmas Park on LeJeune Road. It’sa great place to get out of the sun – and one can swing like Tarzan from the vines. Hopefully there won’t be too much damage from Ernesto.

Love under the Versace mansion


This couple found a beautiful spot this weekend, right across from the Versace mansion. As tourists snapped away at the mansion, these two enjoyed the sun, blue sky and greenery surrounding them.

Get Ready!

avn-l.jpg No need to panic – but – Ernesto,which was originally targeted towards Louisiana or Texas is definitley going to be a Florida storm. At this moment we are looking at a Tampa landfall on Wednesday morning, Key West perhaps on Tuesday night. There is a chance the hurricane could track further East and become a Category 3 with 115 mph winds. Today is a good day to get water,canned food and batteries if you haven’t done so already. Don’t wait till Tuesday when there will be long lines and bare shelves. More updates coming and look at NOAA at 5 and 11 AM and PM for the latest.

Miami #19 in Expensive Real Estate Markets


[Watch FULL slideshow here]

I’m very surprised Miami was not much higher on the list, West Palm is #20. Most homeowners here have been victim to the ‘real estate bubble’ and either haven’t been able to sell or buy. Things seem to be getting back to a more sane level now that real estate signs are modified in marker with lowered sale prices in Dade and Broward counties.

If you are thinking about moving here, take a good look at the apartment listings because unless you’ve got unlimited funds .. homeownership is balloon on a string and you’ve got a few seconds to grab it before it flies away and once it’s gone it’s gone.. The window is closing, hop in! Cynical? Nope ..

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! Laters …

What’s Filming ?

Miami, like New York and Los Angeles,often seems to be one big back lot or fashion shoot. Miami Today News has an updated schedule every week of all area productions. Be sure to check it out for possible star sightings or job opportunities.

America’s Next Top Model (South Florida)


VOTE NOW to send a South Florida finalist to a live audition with America’s Next Top Model Casting Director!

Be sure to catch the 2-hour season premiere of season 7, America’s Next Top Model, September 20th, on the new CW South Florida.

[Read FULL article here and VOTE here]

Take a minute out of your busy day to vote for our young hopefuls. I took a look at the list of contestants and the choices are obvious. Modeling is a tough business and I rarely hear of any supermodels from Miami so give the girls a chance. It is the closest we’ll come to having a Miami ‘Idol’ … Laters … :-)

Coolest Car In Town ?


Driving down Collins this afternoon I saw this incredible 1959 Cadillac Convertible.

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