Famous or not, it will be a great party

dan%20renzi%20party.jpgThe main difference between L.A. and Miami: In L.A., everyone is in a bad mood because they’re not famous yet. In Miami, everyone thinks they are famous. But that just makes the people here fun.

Not to say Miami doesn’t have its share of notables–we have our NBA super-celebrities, our multi-platinum Cuban-American recording artists, our occasional actors who blow through for a shoot or two. And then there are the reality-tv personalities, who are just as recognizable, but show up without the bodyguards. Or nice cars or designer clothes or money. No matter, Miami is thrilled they are here, they throw great parties and that’s all that matters.

Of course, there are those in the media who turn up their noses at reality-TV personalities, perhaps because they’re not rich enough. Or perhaps those reporters applied to be on the shows themselves, and are bitter they were turned down. Whatever the reason, there are some reporters who enjoy taking their shots. Thankfully for those Real World people like Mr. Daniel Renzi–or just Dan, first names only on those reality shows, you know–who can stick up for themselves and throw down when the time comes.

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