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New Metblog -Hyderabad

Metroblogging Hyderabad, India has just launched and joined the over 40 other Metblogs. Please check it out and experience daily life in Central India.

World Citizen Guide. (si hay algo que admiro de los estadounidences, es que reaccionan y se adaptan rápido.)

“For years, many people in the world have had a great fondness for America. They have admired our culture, our products and our cheerful, fun-loving nature. In recent years, however, there has been a signifi cant shift in those feelings. Research studies show that, for a number of reasons, “favorablility” ratings for America are declining around the world. While it is true that the rise in negative feelings toward us may result from perceptions more than reality, it is also true that perceptions are powerful opinion makers. You, and the 55-60 million other Americans who travel abroad each year, have a unique opportunity to change at least some impressions of us from negative to positive. By following the few simple suggestions in this guide, you can have a better travel experience while howing America’s best face to those you visit.” Business for Diplomatic Action. You can get the guide here.

no more virgins left in miami

The Virgin Megastore in South Miami is finally closing its doors after some years. Everything is going for 50% off… whatever is left that is (you might get lucky). This was far from the best place to find music (or movies) here in town, but who would’ve thought they’d be gone and the Spec’s right accross the street would still be around?

Regardless of this, the question remains, what the hell is going to take up all that space?

Day Trips

Now that school’s out ,we’ll be making some South Florida day trips in the next couple of weeks. Destinations include Palm Beach,Naples,the Everglades and perhaps the Keys. Photos and copy will be posted for your entertainment.

Hip Hop MB Weekend

Miami Beach is one big hip-hop extravaganza this weekend .Check out some of the happenings here. Beware of the randomly enforced open bottle and loud music ordinances – these events tend to make the police extra vigilant.

Tragic Kafkaesque Nightmare

A Marielito refugee, wrongly incarcerated for 24 years ( 10 years escaped during that time) was set free by DNA evidence only to be immediately cuffed and hauled away by ICE for indefinite detention in Krome. The story here.

Tree trimming


So it’s that time of year, hurricane season. Now is a good time to trim those trees, get the heavy coconuts and palm fronds removed.

Estacionar en Miami Beach ahora cuesta el doble / Public parking’s cost at Miami Beach was doubled

DSC00462-1.JPG Grande fue mi sorpresa cuando, de una semana a otra, veo que el parking en Miami Beach ha subido de $5 a $10 dólares. De haberlo sabido me habría ido en el auto de mi amigo…
Big astonishment when I saw that the public parking at Miami Beach is now not $5 but $10. Carpool is a good choice…

Block Party


These funny stilt walkers were part of the crowd at Saturday’s Coconut Grove Block Party on Commodore Plaza.

Xenophobic Outsiders Provoke Miami

I35billboard_right1.gif In a direct attack on 60% of Miami’s population , Grassfire.Org erected this nasty sign along I-95 South at 79th Street. Clearly there is a great divide in this country between forward looking urban progressives who live along our coasts and borders and the backwards looking xenophobes who live in the interior hinterlands. They may have concerns over making sure our culture never changes – but it certainly cannot be over jobs – especially with this latest report on record low unemployment once again. In fact there is a labor shortage – our local economy would come to a standstill wthout immigrants. Once again ,incidents like this prove the need for more autonomy for Miami and less interference from outsiders .

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