Thanks, guy!

Last month, on the 24th, I was out at a nearby mall with my mom. We dipped into a chain clothing store for women to browse. The style of the clothes in the store is pretty much American traditional–not too stuffy but definitely not hip. As we were snacking on a sample of cashmere, a tall guy with longish frosted hair and some kind of a tan (real sun or lotion, I couldn’t tell, but he definitely started out paler) came over to us.

What’s the word for using mechanical and chemical means to make jeans have some type of non-new jean surface? I’m sure there’s a word the fashion industry has been using lately, but I can’t recall what it is . . . . whatever that word is, it was done to his jeans. He was also wearing an open, untucked button down shirt and some soft loafers or moccassins, I can’t be sure.

Anyway, he looked at me and said “Hey”. He offered me some papers in his hand and said “Do you want this store credit?”. I gave him a confused look. In a tired way, he said “It’s okay, you can have it. I’m never coming back here. Ever”. So I took the reciept and card in his hand and said thanks. After glancing at it for less than half a second, I said “thanks a lot!”.

He finished a transaction at the register as my mom and I continued to wander around the store. I was weirdly stunned, they way you can be when a total stranger gives you something for no reason you yourself can figure out. I mean, sure, altruism is a possibility, but this is Miami! Altruistic people in Miami are like manatees in canals; maniacs in speedboats abuse the manatees’ gentle nature and leave nasty prop tracks on their backs.

Besides, there was something about the way he said “Ever”. I don’t know if he was fed up with the store, with himsef, with the person for whom he had originally purchased the things he returned or if he had to catch a plane to somewhere else. Whatever his motivation, I want to say “Thanks, guy, for the $107 store credit!”.

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