Cafeteria 24 Hour Diner: Style Over Service

I have a love-hate relationship with Cafeteria, the chic 24 hour diner on Lincoln Road imported from NYC.

On the up side they have a pretty good atmoshphere. They play that kind of trendy ambient music that you can play loud as the hell you want, but is easy to ignore. The lighting is nice, the minamilist furniture looks pleasingly enough. They have the cool factor down.

However when it comes to the traditional measures of a restaurant, y’know things like food and service, it falls a little bit short. The food is of the comfert variety, but portions could be a bit bigger. If I’m paying over $4 for a smoothie it better be bigger than my head.

The service always seems pretty bad. The user reviews on Miami Beach 411 seem to agree.

“The food being good a few times the service being bad every time. ”
“Horrible Rude Service”
“Okay food, HORRIBLE service.”
“Awful slow service. waiter was unseen we had to ask other servers for help.”
“The hosts couldn’t have been less enthusiastic to have us as customers”

So when it comes to Cafeteria: the style is cool, but the service and substance need some improvement.

By the way it’s located at 560 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139.
Phone: 305.672.3663

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