This Is A College Student Complaining About Finals

I’m not sure what I’m angrier at the administration of UM for right now. The thing that everyone knows about, and is hardly worth mentioning, or the crazy “not really finals but still finals” finals schedule this semester.

The Hurricanes messed up every one’s pudding, and we missed a lot of school due to them. The victim of this was our traditional finals schedule in which we got three reading days and a week of finals. Officially we don’t have finals, but Professors are giving us end of the year tests, and some of the classes didn’t change at all. Like in my screenwriting class we still had to hand in a script, and in my Motion Pictures tech class we still had to turn in a short film.

Maybe I’m unique in the fact that I was in the middle of mini-scandal and that my Grandmother died, but this schedule has caused me so much additional stress I’m barely able to handle it.

I mean I didn’t even get the luxury of studying for my finals on the beach this year.

(also please no one point out that I’ve updated every blog I can (the lj, this, miamity) in the past two hours instead of studying)

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  1. MaryAn (unregistered) on December 13th, 2005 @ 12:55 pm

    I’m just waiting to hear about the scandal!

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