Inside Basel

…I’m always an outsider at Basel…always the roaming artist looking at what’s new. Taking the free drink here and there. This year, I’m working the Frieze magazine booth and this is what’s different. First, the fact that I hardly get to see the art at all. But, let’s not wax negative. The good things are this: talking to people around me, all day, that talk about things like color. “Have you noticed the fucia of so and so’s layout on page this and that…”
I like talking about color.
Also, I like that my stand is next to “The Art Newspaper” who is crazy enough to have set up shop upstairs in the convention center in order to put out a daily basel paper.
I like that there are people that still hover over the printing press (okay, okay, I’m sure they’re all hovering over chic Mac’s but…)
Lastly, there’s the excitement. I can’t help but feel like I’m at a playground full of kids that like to smear paint on walls and boys that like to wear their mother’s nailpolish.
I could talk about the bs behind it all, the venerr, the etc etc…but, again, let’s not wax negative. For now. This is how I feel today, one day into basel (yesterday was press, vip, first pick etc)…let’s see how I feel after today’s ordeal, tomorrow’s, and the next…

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