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A Pretty Bizarre World

Go check out our friend Alesh’s Obligatory Art Basel Guide. He’ll be updating, so check back.

Free Wireless Access at Miami Beach Library

The Miami Beach Library is pretty close to the Convention Center as well as the Bass Museum of Art. It’s a brand-new building located at Collins and 22nd, and like all the County’s libraries, it has free wireless access. See the library system’s webpage for more details about the Miami Beach branch itself.

So, you weary art warriors, tote your electronic device of choice over to the library for a comfy sit-down. You can even plug your gizmo in. If you don’t have a computer, you can also use one of their desktops. You can even check out a laptop–if you have a library card, of course!

From the Deck


More spur of the moment phonecam shots here, more coming soon.

Art Ba$el

Big Art means Big Money. Check out this article in Miami Today News.

Art in the Airport

Since there will be a lot of art-related air traffic, I thought I’d point out the art-viewing opportunities in the Miami International Airport. They have an actual gallery space (in Concourse E just past the security checkpoint) as well as site-specific installations and a children’s gallery (the Children’s Connector, in the E-D Connector gallery, just past security checkpoint).

Go to the Airport’s art webpage, and the Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places webpage for more info on our airport art, as well as links to information about art in public places all over town.

Redneck Hunting

I used to think that perhaps Miami totally laked Rednecks, but I guess I was looking in the wrong places. It seems that if you want to find a redneck in Dade county go to any given cheap motel after dusk and look in the parking lot. There they’ll be in all their shirtless glory standing around a cooler placed in a pick-up truck. With Miller Light firmly in hand they’ll be discussing things like truck motors, Nascar, and other blue collar favorites, God bless ’em

Rednecks – another color in the beautiful cultural rainbow we call Miami.

The UM Thought Police Speak Up

This is beginning to make me angry.

The suicide note was a joke, so that just leaves the “highly inappropriate and explicit photographs.” I would like to decide this for myself, and not just because I like dirty pictures. I would also like to understand how a one-time offense on this issue necessitates the removal of the student from school property.

I’m a UM alumnus and I regard football as trivial. UM apparently regards the Constitution of the United States of America as trivial. I’m prepared to debate their relative importance with anyone who is confused about this.

Wednesday Night Gathering

For a few weeks now MAN and abLA have been plotting some kind of pre-fair-chaos-drinking and it seems the final decision has been made. Since we’re kicking off Miami Metblogs this week as well that seemed like a good reason to invite everyone. So. Plans are… Wednesday night at A La Folie (516 Espanola Way) in Miami Beach, probably about 9PM to Midnight. See you then!

Wilma in Miami – Not Like Katrina in New Orleans

Hurricane Wilma and Hurricane Katrina were both powerful storms that hit low lying coastal cities. Why was the outcome so different?

1. Miami actually averages 20 feet above sea; level while New Orleans averages about 10 feet below. Big difference with storm surges.
2. Miamians are more connected

Let’s Flood Their Inboxes, That’ll Teach ‘Em To Mess With The Bloggers


As Franklin pointed out here I’ve been removed from my dorm room for a series of postings on my blog. The first of which linked to a two year old rap song by UMiami football players. Somehow it ended up in a piece of questionable journalism with my name in the article. The hate-IMs started pouring in, and to poke fun at the over reaction I posted a suicide note in farce. To make a long story short I’m being kicked out of my dorm for mental health reasons.

There’s a lot of people sending emails to the Dean I dealt with. Here’s his contact info from if you’d like to send a quick message.

You can email Dean William Sandler:

President Shalala:

Howard Simon (aclu fl):

It seems, not surprisingly a lot of blogs are making similar posts on my behalf including: DeadSpin, Critical Miami, and the UM_Canes LJ Comm. It seems everyone is behind me, well almost everyone.

Photo from the front page of this Thursday’s ‘The Miami Herald’ via newseum

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