Aqua Art Miami and Photo-blogging


The reason why Sean and I are in Miami is because we are participating in Aqua Art Miami – a first time fair that is featuring about thirty young and established galleries in a crazy hotel. Besides the fact that I think so many of the galleries in Aqua have quality programming, I also think that the people who run them are really quite nice and, when you’re literally living with people, this is a good thing. A lot of people are wondering if all these side fairs (Aqua, NADA, Scope, and Pulse) are just a sign of over-indulgence or if they are, as the New York Times alludes today, fulfilling a huge demand. One thing is for sure, people from all different walks of the art world are waiting to see if they all work and, if not, who survives. Talk to me in a week.

On that note, on my blog abLA I am photo-blogging ABMB. Since today was all about installing our room for the Aqua Fair that’s pretty much what my pictures are. I didn’t get any shots of the massive rain pour we had but I know it’s not as much as a novelty as it is to us LA folks.

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