Get Shorty

I was sitting in a Doctor’s waiting room the other day and I found my self over hearing two middle aged people talk, a man and a woman. They knew each other from somewhere else, and happened to be in the same waiting room and started discussing their lives, and all the sudden the conversation turned to how short men in Miami are. The women quipped “Well, when my daughter goes out to the Grove in her heels she towers over all the men”.

I’ve noticed that ever sense I’ve overheard this I’ve been paying attention the average height of men in the area now, and was disappointed to see that this information isn’t easily found on Google.

Being over 6 foot myself, It’s nothing I’ve got to personally worry about, but I find it strange how two people who have obviously lived in Miami for some time could agree that all the men in the city are vertically challenged. Maybe everyone just seems short ever since Shaq came to town.

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