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"Planned Progress" in Normandy Isle

For the last few months the Normandy Isle area of Miami Beach has been undergoing a number of construction projects all rolled into the vaguely-named “Normandy Isle/Normandie Sud Neighborhood ROW Improvements (BP-4)” project (though you have to go HERE to see a description). Now, I’m all for general neighborhood improvements and I understand that there will be inconveniences while the construction is underway, but at least as it regards my street, this is already bordering on the ridiculous.

It’s been 3 months since our street was first invaded by the construction crews. Parking, already a thorny issue on the Beach, has been made an even greater headache by the projects, most of which are started, then left unattended for days or weeks, before being picked up again. Just last week the crews returned to my street to begin the “final phase,” which so far has involved the removal of a roughly 5 ft. section of asphalt next to the sidewalk, and today, as you can see above, the removal of the sidewalk itself. I’m hoping that they will start pouring the signature pink concrete to make the new sidewalk and gutters soon. Perhaps it is a good thing I am flying out of town next week.

The big problem I have with all of this is one of communication. Though there are some signs around the area with all the legal mumbo jumbo these usually have, the residents of the area should have been informed directly about the project to be undertaken in our neighborhood. In fact, I’ll take that further and say that type of communication should not be a one-time event at the start of a project, but a constant stream of information and updates as things move along. I mean, there is already a web page for the project at the official city website, how about adding an RSS feed and regular updates? Is that too much to ask of city hall?

In the meantime I continue to stretch my patience and park my car in makeshift (and generally illegal) spaces, thanking heavens that no ticket-happy cops have passed by (and if they have, thank you for being understanding).

Another Smoky Day


This shot was taken on Wednesday, and it looks like this right now. It’s also 90 degrees, so the sensation is like sitting next to a fireplace when the chimney is clogged.

Most Expensive Gas in The USA ?


Again, the Shell station at Royal Palm and Arthur Godfrey is setting new standards when it comes to shameless and (probably) illegal price gouging. I wrote about this very station on January 18th when they were charging $3.67. At $4.19 a gallon – I would like to hear from anyone in the USA who knows of a higher price . Notice they had to handwrite the 4’s for the dollar amount !

I’m Not As Stupid As You Think I Is…

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
– Declaration Of Independence, 1776

Equal opportunity is a descriptive term for an approach intended to provide a certain social environment in which people are not excluded from the activities of society, such as education, employment, or health care, on the basis of immutable traits.
– Wikipedia

One of the most ignorant things that come up during a debate concerning the pursuit of Happiness is that somehow everyone has a shot at attaining some fraction of what the pursuit of Happiness has to offer. People love to wash themselves of responsibility… it’s the American way… and wash themselves they do.


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Well… here it is… my first Metroblog. I’ve been thinking that maybe for my first post I should keep things simple… kind of a hello / how are you? question and answer process. I know we’re supposed to write a bio but bio’s are so pretentious… I think mine says something like “professional idiot and obnoxious fool”.

Relentless Progress


The New Miami continues to rise from yesterday’s forgotten warehouses and flophouses. Biscayne Boulevard’s complete makeover is advancing rapidly.

Morningside Architecture in Critical Miami

Critical Miami, a blog I’m a big fan of, has an interesting series of pictures of the architecture in Morningside where many of the houses date back to the 20’s. It’s worth checking out.

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