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Good Morning Miami!!! :D

This is a wonderful Sunday, made even brighter by the presence of the 25th Miami International Film Festival. 2008 is certainly a wonderful milestone not only in the evolution of the festival but also -and more importantly- in the way the festival reflects the last quarter century of the history and evolution of Miami as a city.
Miami is being called “the Hub of the Americas” and the name fits. This year’s festival also reflects that.
With 160 films from all around the world and a massive presence of Latin American productions the festival offers options for all cinematic tastes and interests.
For a complete Film guide please check on the Film webiste
I’ll be posting reviews of some of the films regularly during the festival.
See you at the theatre and enjoy!!!

Miami Int’l Film Festival – Go See: Off the Grid


This beautiful documentary, produced and directed by Jeremy Stulberg and Randy Stulberg, is running during the film festival and I highly recommend going to go see it. Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa explores a community of radicals, misanthropes and the off-kilter that has sprouted in the New Mexico desert. Among them is Stan, an incredibly sweet and gentle craggy old pig farmer who takes in run-aways; and Maine, a vet (there are many in this community) who is dying of cancer but just wants the government and medical establishment to leave him the hell alone. You can tell the Stulbergs have found a way to fall in love with their subject-matter: they manage to capture the photographic beauty of these grim homesteads and to tell these people’s stories not just without condescension, but with tribute. Just a really great movie. Check it out. The next screening is on Thursday night:

This Thursday, March 8th at 6:00 pm

@ the Bill Cosford Cinema
University of Miami, Memorial Building
Coral Gables, FL 33146

The After Party will be at Spider-Pussy at 11pm
@ Circa28, 2826 North Miami Ave.
Corner of North Miami & N 29th Street.
in the Wynwood Art District

And check out the rest of the Miami International Film Festival and its offerings.

South Beach Wine and Food Festival

“Worth every penny” is how food enthusiasts are rating those $300 passes to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival–hose hefty prices kept us away, sadly, but we’re already saving our pennies for next year’s event. Apparently, it’s a can’t-miss affair, and we love all the stories:

* Festival-goers enter the huge tent and are promptly handed a wine glass, which they carry from station to station and sample all the different vintages of the moment. True wine tasters are supposed to employ the “swirl, suck, and spit” method, not swallowing anything which would taint the pallete. Of course, everyone sucked their glasses dry and swallowed every drop.

* Food was also available for the tasting; the most common offering? Ceviche.

* The Food Network flew its most popular personalities down for the festival to host live cooking expos, with Rachael Ray and Emeril Lagasse and the rest of the clan. In an informal poll of festival-goers, we found Paula Deen’s expo to be most popular. Suspected of having a little too much of the wine herself, she took the stage and promptly announced “I don’t feel like cookin’!” and just talked to the audience the whole time. It makes us wonder what is in that bottle in the picture above…

* Martha Stewart’s cooking expo was described as “like an elementary school classroom,” with everyone sitting politely watching her methodical placement of each knife, spoon and dish exactly where it needed to go. It was refreshing for some, while others were unnerved by the audience’s silence: “Everyone just sat and stared. It was an outdoor tent in South Beach, and you could hear a pin drop.” Perhaps she should have had a little of what Paula was drinking, no?

* For photos of the event, click here.

TV adds sizzle to South Beach celebration [Palm Beach Post]

Drawn in and Spellbound


A belated follow up to last Friday’s Moth Story Tour, at which 5 1/2 storytellers got up and spun their tales in Miami last weekend. The 1/2 was Andy Borowitz who got up, told a couple jokes that I saw him do 3 months ago at the Miami Book Fair, and then sat back down. The real story tellers included: Jonathan Ames, Boris Timanovsky, Jeffrey Rudell and Miami’s own Jim DeFede (who, unfortunately Eira and I didn’t get to see because I had to pick my brother up at the airport and this thing was out in West Bumblefuck (ie The Village of Palmetto Bay) don’t even get me started on that place, it’s a whole other post)

The performances were amazing and took me completely out of the frazzled-angry mood that the nightmare rush-hour journey to The Village had put me in and brought me to a variety of much more interesting locales…

Just Another Sunday To Me


In case you’re like me, you might not be aware – or care – that the Superbowl is in town this weekend. The folks over the the Miami Herald reminded me of this fact with their picture of the day (above) taken at Tootsie’s Cabaret. They tout themselves as a great place to watch the game – given their 30-plus plasma screens and their 10-plus projection screens. Not to mention all the (99%) naked ladies. The wheel these girls are spinning – it’s called the Wheel of Friction. I wonder if the Herald used a little of ye olde photoshoppe effects to blur out the options, which include $100 Tootsie Dollars, $100 Gift Certificate for a Tattoo and 10 Free Drinks among others. Sounds like a good night. With or without the Superbowl. (And I’m not going through a stripper thing – it’s just a coincidence, dammit!)

Anyway, in case you are interested there are two great teams going against each other. More than likely they’re named after strong, noble animals known for attacking or charging. (Unless you’re the Dolphins, which are just cute, and can jump through rings for snacks.) More than likely the score will be overwhelmingly lopsided. More than likely, millions will get heartburn. And millions will be spent on heartburn advertising. More than likely Miami will be one giant clusterfuck – just like it is every big out-of-towner weekend – and locals will be loathe to leave their houses.

So yeah, every sports anchor with a budget is standing on the beach or in front of some Art Deco hotel, gabbing some cutesie story about all the tickets being offered or asked for on Craigslist and how not to get taken for a ride. And all the travelling members of the worlds oldest profession have surely checked into their hotels – that they will only see in daytime hours. Beer will be bought, chili will be eaten, and the strippers will keep on stripping.

I love Miami. Even on Super Bowl weekend.

Here’s a little story, I got to tell


For those of you who like a good story and want to see some real live professional yarn-spinners do their thing, The Moth Story Tour, featuring Andy Borowitz, Jonathan Ames and Miami’s own Jim DeFede, is coming to the Deering Estate (Palmetto Village) next Friday, February 2nd to kick off the South Bay Festival of the Arts.

I can’t speak for all of these guys but I saw Andy Borowitz at the Miami Book Fair a few months ago and the guy is not just funny and smart, but tells the kind of stories that make you feel funnier and smarter just for having heard them.

Jim DeFede, is kinda widely known as the conscience of the fourth estate in our fair city and has done a bunch to help bring to light the shadier side of Miami politics. I’ve never seen him speak but I did see him eating wings at Shucker’s one time. Just thought I’d mention it.

For those of you who can’t make it, Eira and I are hoping to attend and we’ll let you know what we think for next time they come around…

For those of you who are so excited by the idea of live storytelling that you can’t wait to throw your hat into the arena and show people what kind of story-skills you’re packing, you missed your chance to enter the Moth Stories Contest for this year, but you should check out the website which has a whole bunch of stories, including last year’s winner, so you can start practicing for next year,

And finally, for those of you who caught the Beastie Boys reference in the Title and still think that three bad brothers’ story about a horsie and a quart of beer qualifies as story-telling, here’s the Wikipedia entry on Paul Revere, which is a pretty good yarn in and of itself, you know what I’m talking about, boy.

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