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Miami-Dade Twitter Directory

The following is a directory of Miami-Dade entities on Twitter. As far as I can tell, these are all legitimate accounts kept by the respective companies/entities.

This is a work in progress, and your help is greatly appreciated.





TV News

  • /wsvn – WSVN Channel 7 (Fox)
  • /nbc6hd – WTBJ Channel 6 (NBC)


Side note: Really, this is all there is out there? There’s gotta be more, right? I mean, compare Seattle.

Bike Miami Days 2.0 Report

At Bike Miami DaysOn Sunday, Dec. 14, we had the second instance of Bike Miami Days, the City of Miami’s now-monthly event turning part of Downtown Miami into a car-free zone for cyclists, skaters and pedestrians to run around and enjoy. Mayor Manny Diaz and his office have been working hard to build this up as Miami’s own cyclovia, and their efforts are greatly appreciated.

This sophomore effort, however, had a smaller turnout than the brand-spanking-new one in November. Considering the time of year, the at-home Dolphins game and that fact that this lacked the novelty of the previous one, I found it understandable. There were, however, quite a few participants, even at 1:30 pm when I finally arrived, so it wasn’t a wash-out by any stretch of the imagination. 

The Green Mobility Network once again offered free bike valet services at both Bayfront Park and Mary Brickell Village (the two bookends of the route), and as before, there was a small army of volunteers riding around ready to answer any questions. The Everglades Bicyle Club held a toy drive in conjunction with the event, which was very cool. There were also a few changes from the previous event, all of them for the better: the route was extended along the waterfront towards the AA Arena (though I was never able to find this extension), the entire route was marked with sandwich board signs with arrows marking the directions to follow, and possibly the best addition, water stations were setup along the route for participants to freshen up. Bonus points go to Kirk Jewelers for handing out water during the day as well.

After the event, TransitMiami hosted a party at Tobacco Road. A bunch of the volunteers gathered there and I had a great time just chillin out after a fantastic day of bike riding around Downtown Miami. You can read my personal report over at Slow Bike Miami Beach.

The one complain I have about this event has nothing to do with Bike Miami Days, the City or the Mayor, it has to do with the local mainstream media:

Where the heck were you?

I never saw representatives of any of the local mainstream media outlets, televised or print, covering the event; if (IF) they were there towards the start of the day, they quickly took off afterwards. No local newspaper promoted the event leading up to it, and I have yet to see any mention of it pop up on the website of any local news show, let alone on the air. I mean, not even Deco Drive!

What’s the matter with you, Miami mainstream media? You’ll cover any gory event no matter how stupid it is as long as there is enough blood and/or scandal, but an event that actually builds up community pride, highlights the city in a positive light, can be a boost for local tourism and the local economy, and shows the commitment of Mayor Manny Diaz towards making Miami an improved city doesn’t get anything? Not even a micro-post on Twitter? Shame on you.

Bike Miami Days will return in January (date still to be determined). I plan to be there with my wife, and I hope everyone else joins us as well, including you, local mainstream media.

Art Basel Miami Beach: Here, and Gone

While I was away in Seattle, Art Basel Miami Beach, the yearly event showcasing artists from around the world right in our backyard, one of those events that proves that this city has a lot more going for it than the superficiality most people associate with it, took place at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Sadly, given I am currently the only Miami Metblogs writer and I was out of town, there was no coverage for this blog. To our good fortune, however, Alesh Houdek of Buildings and Food (and formerly of Critical Miami) did cover the event, so check out the following links and enjoy Art Basel Miami Beach 2008 vicariously.

Night Fishing


Last night my older son and I went night fishing aboard the Reward – a head boat out of Miami Beach Marina by Government Cut. Fishing wise it was not too Rewarding – we caught nothing- in fact only a few people caught some tiny Yellowtail. August nights are supposed to be the best time for Red Snapper,Mutton Snapper and Yellowtail. However, it was beautiful tropical evening under the stars, 4 miles at sea , gazing at the incredible Miami night skyline. Freighters lined up to enter the port and South America bound planes took off overhead. South Beach actually looked quiet ,though I am sure it was not. A relaxing summer evening – though it would have been great to get some Red Snapper.

Parrotheads for a Day – Cheap and Close to Home


So, I know this doesn’t start out very Miami-centric, but wait for it. See, Bennett and I took advantage of the long weekend for a little overnight to Key Largo. We stayed at a lovely, quiet no-tell motel by the side of the road (the Overseas Highway) called the The Hungry Pelican. The great thing about this place is that it’s right on Florida Bay and they have kayaks and a canoe that you can just sign out for free. (We’re into kayaking.) Another good thing is that the drive is under two hours, so you can get out on Saturday morning, do a little afternoon kayak and have a mellow dinner, spend most of Sunday on a hammock or on the water, and be back in Miami by dinnertime.

Which is exactly what we did: Sunday afternoon, we chartered Captain Rick’s sailboat Morning Star for a romantic sunset cruise complete with bubbly supplied by the Capt. It was unbelievable. I almost hate writing about it, because it’s just that good. I want him all to myself.

At $45 bucks a person, I was shocked that it would just be us out on the wide wild ocean, but incredibly enough the Captain only takes out only one group at a time, first come first served, 2-6 people per group. He also does longer snorkeling trips in the morning for $65 per person. Provided the weather is nice, that is: Captain Rick is one of those awesome guys who’re really badasses but always do things by the book, so if he says the day is no good, the day is no good and no sailing for you.

The sun having set, we got in the car, pointed it north and called up some friends to meet us at the Key West Grill at 8 p.m. North, you ask? Well, yes, see – the Key West Grill is in Normandy Isle. It’s right on the water at the back of the International Inn, and it’s perfection. The food is okay. Just food like somebody’s Carribean grandma might make. But it’s cheap and plentiful, and it’s served by a great no-nonsense friendly waitress who has this way about her that’s kind of indescribable. Like maybe she’s just there filling in for the real waitress who didn’t show up that day, and she’s just doing the owners a favor. (The owners are all smiles and warmth, by the way.) She is just the unwaitressiest waitress ever, is all. And yet you still feel completely welcome and taken care of at all times. Oh, and did I mention the wine? Yeah, it’s all Yellowtail all the time, and they charge like $11 a bottle. The hours go by here like, well, like your own personal Margaritaville.

Get Out of South Beach for Cryin Out Loud, Part 2 – Release Your Inner Child


Okay, so you’ve shot off some guns, driven some balls and gotten your Billabong on in Hallandale Beach.

Now it’s a brand new Saturday morning and perhaps you had a bit of a wild night last night. Gentlemen, maybe you shouldn’t have thrown your head back over the bar and let that taught-thighed bartendress grapple your face between her knees and proffer you her shocking neon shot. Ladies, maybe when the tall and tawny Brazilian guy told you his name was Rodrigo, but that you could call him Rod … well, maybe you should have left it at that and not offered your sassy comeback. Then there would be no regrets this morning.

But since regrets are strewn over Miami on a Saturday morning like limp confetti after Calle Ocho weekend, let’s do something a bit more innocent today, shall we? Let’s go out and play with our inner child. And tell your inner child to bring along some swimming togs.

Kayaking by Moonlight (unless its cloudy and then you’re just paddling in the dark)


If, like me, you made a New Year’s resolution to cut down on the alcohol intake and you’re wondering what the heck to do with yourself on a Friday or Saturday night, particularly when the moon is full and you’re feeling a little frisky, you might want to think about paddling around Biscayne Bay and then heading to Monument Island for a Weenie Roast with South Beach Kayak (1771 Purdy Ave On the bay, just north of the Venetian Causeway, 305 673-2845 or 305 332-2853, no link to a website ’cause I couldn’t find a website).

Ana Marie, the head kayaker, will take you on a leisurely paddle around the Venetian (and assorted other) Isands, timing it so that you can watch the sunset over downtown and peer into the houses of the high and mighty, many of whom are out on their docks getting their party on… and, if you’re curious she can point out which muckety-muck lives in which mcmansion.

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