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Fergus MacFoo: A House Rabbit Looking For A New Home

I am totally going to abuse my power here for my personal benefit.


Check out Fergus at

My wife and I have a house rabbit named Fergus MacFoo. We’ve had him for about two to three years and for most of that time he has been by himself (he came to us as a mate for our rabbit Nuala, but she died just a few months after that). Fergus is a really nice bunny, quiet but with a great personality, not to mention litter-trained.

My wife has always been allergic to our rabbits, but over the last year it has gotten really bad, to the point where she cannot be in the same room as the bunny. We’ve tried everything we can to be able to keep Fergus but the time has come to find him a new home. Easier said than done.

We are looking for a new home for Fergus. Our ideal candidate is/has been a house rabbit owner who knows how to deal with rabbits. We’d also be happy to hear from people who would like to become bunny parents and who understand all that having a house rabbit entails (ask us, we’ll tell you). If this sounds like you, please take a look at Fergus’ profile for more information, pics and contact details.

Whatever Happened to Lincoln Road?

So call me an old-timer, but whatever happened to Lincoln Road Mall?

Last week my wife and I went to see a 3D movie down at the Regal South Beach Cinema, and afterward I asked to take a stroll down the mall, just for old-time’s sake. It had been quite a while since our last time at Lincoln Road and I wanted to experience it again. It wasn’t ten minutes into our walk that we remembered why we stayed away from it in the first place! The mall was just disgustingly overcrowded. It was like a wall of people moving in front and behind you, barely giving you space enough to breathe, let alone enjoy the stroll. The restaurants and cafes have multiplied and they all spill out onto the walk way, barely giving you space to pass by, and never without being harassed by the eatery’s host/hostess (here’s a hint for all Lincoln Rd. restaurants: none of you are Kosher, so if you see a Jew with a kippah walk by, don’t waste your breath trying to get them to eat at your store).

I remember a Lincoln Road Mall that was busy but not overcrowded, that offered options but did not assault you every few steps, full of small stores dripping with personality and charm, not with endless branches of the brands of consumerism. And I’m not even going to talk about the monster that is the Regal Cinema. I miss that more bohemian Lincoln Road Mall. The current one makes me want to stay home and never visit it. I fully realize I am in the minority here, but I wear that badge proudly.

About the only cool thing I saw at the mall was the new location of Books & Books, back where the Cinematheque used to be years ago. Maybe I’ll talk about that next time.

This Weekend: Bike Miami Days

Bike Miami DaysThe excellent folks at Miami Bike Scene have put together this PSA for Bike Miami Days showing the activity at a Bike Miami event and promoting the upcoming dates:

Bike Miami Days PSA
* I’d embed the video here if WordPress weren’t such a pain when it comes to embedding flash media without the use of a plugin, one I have on my personal sites but not here.

Bike Miami Days happens this Saturday, March 14, at the usual location in Downtown Miami. You can visit the Bike Miami Blog for up-to-date info (which they are extremely good about providing).

I was in Puerto Rico for the February edition, though it wouldn’t have made a difference since, much like this one, it happened on a Saturday, so this Shabbat-observing Jew would have had to miss it. Again, much like this one. I can’t wait for the April event (Sunday, April 26), though that one will be at Coconut Grove, not Downtown Miami (which is cool, since it gives us riders a new area of the city to explore).

Drop by Downtown Miami this Saturday and enjoy Bike Miami Days!

Just Got Back

I had to fly to Puerto Rico for family matters and I just got back. I need to catch up on all my backed up stuff before I can start posting again, so hopefully by next week.

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