A Visit to Grass

A couple of nights ago I had a chance to visit Grass Restaurant & Lounge in the Design District of Midtown Miami for my wife’s best friend’s birthday. Back in January when I (briefly) worked at Miami D&E Magazine (don’t bother looking for it, it folded) we ran a review and an ad for this place, so I knew of it. Now, understand this is not a review. I keep Kosher so there was nothing there I could eat, and even the drinks were problematic, so consider this more of an impression of the place.

Grass is an all-outdoor restaurant, featuring a large open area with a huge tiki-hut, a side area walled off with trellises (featuring rows of sculptured hands on the walls that only made me think of the helping hands in Labyrinth) and some more tables around the perimeter of the giant tiki-hut. You’d think that an outdoor restaurant in Miami would be hopping on a slightly-cold autumn night, in which case you’d be as wrong as me. We got there at 10:30 pm and the place was tumbleweeds-rolling-across-the-screen empty. The hostess mentioned it seemed the cold weather had kept customers away, so we got the entire place to ourselves. We picked a table near the bar, next to a stand-up heater which was never turned on (maybe if they had had these on people would have come in, perhaps?), and ordered some drinks. Fairly soon we were joined by the rest of our party, making us a total of 10, by far the most customers at the restaurant that entire night.

The service was excellent and incredibly prompt (no doubt due to us being the only ones there, but good service should always be recognized). My wife and I took a look at the drinks menu (I’d link it here except the menus available on the website are not the ones we had that night), saw a lot of very fruity drinks with lots of flavored liquors, realized that we could not be sure about the Kosher status of a lot of those (something we are used to), and simply ordered beers, Heineken for me, Amstel Light for her. The cocktails all were $14, not a bad price, but the beers, let’s just say these were the most expensive beers I’ve ever had, and I’ve had expensive beers before (like last week at Bayside), so skip them. Others in my party ordered some appetizers (I’m sure the staff was thrilled that this was all the food that was ordered) all of which were highly praised. 

All in all, Grass was a neat place to visit, and based on the menu that I perused and the opinions of the rest of my party, a great place to eat as well. Located in the newly refurbished Design District in Midtown, it is easily accessible via I-195. The parking situation is not the best; though we had no problem on a cold Thursday night, I can see how it would be problematic if the area gets even a bit livelier, given there’s at least two more restaurants on the same street, let alone other establishments around the block. The ambiance was actually quite nice, the music fairly interesting and not too loud (a bit more variety would have been welcomed), and the decor exquisite (except for the bathrooms, which are covered wall-to-wall in Astro turf!). Grass now adjuncts a new club called The King is Dead, though it was closed during our visit so that’s all the information I have to give. 

If you’re looking for a neat and different place to go eat or have a few drinks, especially if you also want to check out the fantastic new look of the Design District, by all means drop by Grass. Just be sure it’s not on a cold night (and if it is, make sure they do turn on the heaters as that’s what they’re there for).

Grass Restaurant & Lounge
28 NE 40th Street
Miami, FL 33137

Check out some photos below (taken with my cameraphone, which explains the graininess).

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