Lokas (Chile, 2007, 90 mins.) – 25th MIFF

Charlie lives in Mexico with his son, Pedro. After being released from jail both have to move back to Chile where his father -whom he hasn’t seen in more than 30 years- is willing to receive them and help them on a fresh start.  As if that whole moving wasn’t stressful enough, Charlie discovers at the airport that his father is a “maraca” (derogative for gay) -as he calls “them”- and worst of all, he lives with his partner.

With a less than perfect resume, the only job he finds is as waiter at Lokas. The exterior makeover he has to undergo is just the tip of the iceberg of his deep turmoil. In the meantime, Pedro tries to adjust to the new reality, to understand the relationship between his granfather Mario and this “uncle” Flavio. While missing his mother he focus on helping his father addapt and cope with his prejudices -non the lesser because of family relationship.

Outrageously funny it is, nevertheless, the kind of comedy that makes you wonder -what am I laughing about? when it takes a deep plunge to explore the intricacies of the human soul. On their own style, at their own pace, each character has to deal with their own conflicts and find a way to resolve them within the small community of the family -“ok, not the standard family, but the only one i got” – as Pedro expresses in his own words, from the fresh innocence of his young years.

Gonzalo Justiniano’s eighth film is certainly a wonderful option to begin the the last weekend of the Festival with a smile and a nice subject to talk about during the dinner afterwards. Enjoy!!!

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