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Rising Star !


Marco Rubio is Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. He is pictured yesterday opening Fispal Latino , a large Latin food fair, for those in the business. Mr. Rubio is only 36, and already being thought of as a potential future Governor.

Miami – Leader in Biofuels


Miami is home to the Interamerican Ethanol Commission. The Commission is playing a big role in the overall US Federal Government policy on adapting biofuels in place of fossil fuels. The IEC works closely with Florida FTAA in opening up Brazilian and Dominican Republic biofuel sources – simultaneously moving the FTAA Agenda along to open up Free Trade between all Western Hemisphere nations ( except Cuba and Venezuela.)

Miami – Capital of The Americas


The Latin World revolves around Miami. In the next couple of months we will have on the spot reports from many locations in our far-flung Empire. – beginning next week with Bogotá and Medellin,Colombia.

A Bloody Week

Miami is no longer tops in murder statistics, like it was back in the Drug War days. However, some weeks are bloodier than others , and this was one of them.

Last Thursday night – A Jogger Shot in normally crime-free Coral Gables.

Sunday Night – during Miami Beach Memorial Day Weekend Festivities, a shoot’em-up dispute took place killing 2. This year was actually toned down – only 2 deaths and 700 arrests, compared to last year’s six killings and 1200 arrests.

Wednesday – 15 year old girl was killed with a toilet lid at the Sun ‘n’ Surf Motel. By reading the article you will see this gentleman is in a bit of trouble – very likely the Death Chamber for him.

Late night fast food workers better not bring up condiments limitations at the drive through. An annoyed diner at Wendy’s showed his displeasure at being denied an extra two packets of hot sauce.

And finally early this morning – a deadly last cup of coffee in Little Haiti.

Quite a few hot-headed people out there – learn to chill out !

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