Let Freedom Ring…

The Air and Sea Show came upon this great city of ours over the weekend… I was too busy doing very American things… like working and home repair… so I couldn’t go but I do work near the Ft. Lauderdale beach… and thats where this little shindig is held each year… so I could see and hear all the planes and stuff passing overhead.

Holy shit! We got some big planes in our aresenol…

The sounds were disturbing though… thinking to myself about the current war and the people involved… I couldn’t imagine having to hear that stuff all day and night. It puts a sense of tension in the air… a sorta “cloud of doom”.

That would suck.

It’s amazing to me… these Air and Sea Shows… the fact that we celebrate death machines. I mean… let’s face it… these shows aren’t exactly Smithsonian Institute exhibits…. we’re talking heavy duty military might. I didn’t see no hot air balloons or hang gliders in the air… and I didn’t hear about any demonstration of Boston Whalers either.

This is a serious Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines type of show.

“This is what we use folks… to ensure your freedom… if you look to your left you’ll see the Stealth Bomber… capable of wiping out an entire city.”

Does violence ensure our freedom? Do we really keep our liberty guarded by shock and awe or could we protect it with something much more invaluable… something that can’t be used against us… something that can’t be taken away… maybe a way of life?

I must admit… I couldn’t help but stick my head out of the door every now and again… watching these amazing, awesome machines fly through the sky… just incredibly powerful… majestic… almost beautiful even.

The men and women who fly them are just as incredible. The courage it takes to go that fast without your legs any where near the ground is… well… is amazing. I get freaked out when I’m in a car going 100 mph much less Mach frickin’ 10!

So I do admire the engineering feats that were needed to accomplish a piece of work such as the F-15 or the B-52… I am in awe of the heart and soul pilots put into their careers… I can’t help but feel a sense of pride in seeing these machines that are made with American know how… Yeah man… it makes your blood run red, white, and blue.

I guess I’m a glutton for punishment or just a depressing little black sheep… but I… well… I get these thoughts kinda “poofing” into my head… like… how many people were killed at the hands of the plane I was looking at?

If you put all the planes and boats together that were featured in this show… how many deaths could be attributed to them… collectively?

Death toll please?

I guess there really isn’t a way to know that… but even if it’s one… well… thats one too many.

And really folks… I am not a hippie.

I don’t smoke pot… I do not own a black light nor the Led Zeppelin tapestry that goes with it either. I don’t own any lava lamps (although I do have my eye on one… from the local Target… $14.95). I’m not into the peace love and happiness bull shit… no two finger V signs or VHS copies of “Woodstock” to be seen anywhere near me. In fact… I’m an old school punk… capable of a lot of anger.

I just feel that physical violence and expressed hatred are kinda lame… played out really. Juvenile. Stupid.

It’s quite boring actually.

Freedom isn’t so free if the cost is $423,672,730,596 (cost of the Iraq war as of 2:26 pm today).

Maybe freedom is a state of mind… a way of life. Maybe if we were to fight with our minds and our values… our collective morality… maybe we would find that the cost of freedom is just plain old free will.

Free -will

I wanted to take my step son to see the show. He’s all about jet fighters and loud stuff… maybe the thirst for it comes from a lack of stimulation at home when it comes to guns and fighting… we don’t have any plastic guns or knives or swords at the house. I think we have a Batman grapple and a Spider Man web shooter… and a light saber or two…. but no guns. I’m not into it… so…

I didn’t feel comfortable taking him to something that celebrates the death of thousands and thousands of people under the umbrella of “freedom”. Whether or not our “enemies” deserved it… the people who were killed… it doesn’t matter…. they were killed by another human who judged them… they were deemed unfit to live anymore based upon principals and structures put into place by other human beings.

Air and Sea Shows… well… any military might show… is tough to be involved with as a spectator… the crowd is full of testosterone (that includes women too, kids) and puffed chest beating. The crowd gets hammered and cheers as they point up to their American skies

The birds of prey become symbols of freedom.

The broken teenagers sneak around the corner to smoke some weed…

The BMW lawyers get all jacked up on blow and tequila (tequila… the official shot of the Air and Sea Show… Mexican booze for American pride).

The homeless people are arrested for the day, only to be let out on Monday with nowhere else to go…

The skies turn a lifeless blue. The warlords are satisfied. The pawns are in place. Patriotism fuels the ignition of fierce power and glory. The gears grind like bones under a ton of hate. Rev it up boys… let’s blow some shit up.

Maybe I’m just bitter cause I didn’t go… maybe I’m pissed cause I’m such a new age non violent pragmatisit… maybe I just wanna go out and destroy shit too.

I’m sure people had a wonderful time. I’m quite prepared to admit that I’m looking at it in a completely different way than the way it was presented… and I’m sure I’m coming off as a whiny little punk who just searches for a cause to shout and bark about.

I don’t want it to be that way… truly I don’t. I wish that watching an Air and Sea Show should put the fear of God in you… this is what we do to other people. Don’t they see that?

These bombers and jet fighters… they fly over the heads of women and children and elders. These planes drop tremendous pain onto families and houses and disappear into the skies that they descended from… leaving behind a trail of confusion… despair… and anger.

I want eyes to open… faces to change… hearts to fill… souls to be saved…

I want freedom to ring… with integrity and truth… not to ring out in screams and explosions.

Celebration is good… commitment to country is good… being proud of who you are is good… it’s noble… it’s important. Celebrating machines that mame and kill… that breed and foster hate… well… I’m not so sure that is somethiong to be proud of.

Tequila shots for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ugh (unregistered) on May 8th, 2007 @ 12:33 pm

    Your writing is nearly incomprehensible. Can you please just give it up?

  2. Mark Dubin (unregistered) on May 8th, 2007 @ 12:53 pm

    With a name like “ugh” you sound like a pretty intelligent guy to me… you also read through the whole thing and was so moved by my “incomprehensible” writing that you needed to leave a comment…

    thank you for popping my “you suck” cherry Mr. Ugh…

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