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I do have a tendency to be rather heavy and gloomy when it comes to my cynicism of the world… society as a sub genre to my general dismay of unchecked capitalism and the hypocrisy of not just the American people but the world as a whole. I know that this “heaviness” can get a bit unnerving at best… I mean… yeah Mark… we know that such and such is a lying so and so and that the world is unfair… blah, blah, blah.

When most of us (well… okay, I really mean me) spend our time complaining about the sad state of our national affairs… we are of the understanding that those will inevitably work their way down into our local soil. It’s hard to read the paper or watch the morning news every day and sustain any sense of hope when our headlines are formed by pain and sorrow and despair.

It’s very important that we not only protect ourselves from falling into the abyss of hopelessness… but we also combat some of the social injustices that we, as liberals and radicals (at times), rail against.

Here in South Florida… we have plenty of good hearted things to get involved with… and today boys and girls… I will give you some info on a few of these things…

One of the many great ways to feel like you are part of your community as well as part of the “big” picture is helping the homeless. I know a lot of people think that most of our friends on the streets have drug and alcohol problems… and yeah…. most of them probably do… but in order for these folks to at least begin a path toward health and happiness, they need a few hands to help ’em up.

The Broward Outreach Centers do a very good job of helping out with this problem. There’s tons to help out with and they love when new people come out… volunteer circles are small so it’s always a good feeling to see a new face. I know that right now their collecting odds and ends for bags that they will then need help to sort out and pass out. Go to www.miamirescuemission.com for more info.

The Special Olympics of Miami should be something that everyone knows about. In case you don’t know, it’s where children and adults with various disabilities get to participate in things that they normally wouldn’t have a chance to participate in. Sports and competition and training and being part of a team without feeling like your “special”. Volunteering here consists of fund raising, coaching, and office / clerical work and they always got something going on somewhere…. go to www.somdc.org

Animal Aid is a non profit, no kill animal adoption agency that is always in need of volunteers. There are a lot of animal shelters that still, unfortunately, use euthanasia for the animals that do not get adopted. Slowly these place are getting the funds that they need to stop that practice but until then… try to volunteer at a place similar to this. Animal Aid is in need of little helpers to work in the shelters or you can even become a Foster home till a pet gets adopted… go to www.animal-aid.com for a page full of ideas.

There is so much information out there about volunteering in your community…. whether it’s helping out with cleaning up the parks, teaching adults how to read, or participating in the countless walk -a- thons we have down here… there is always an opportunity to help.

Do yourself a favor… do something charitable today, large or small, it doesn’t matter… but do it. After your done…. never tell anyone about it… let it simmer inside of you for awhile. I know that when you let the feeling of charitable work and actions take a hold of you…. you will be hooked… and thats an addiction every community is in need of.

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