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More Anna Nicole Exes Arrive For Paternity Test


Vultures and Danelynn’s supposed Fathers all have something in common. Read The Herald for the latest in the bizarre saga.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


To my one true love, Bennett.

And to all you lovers and lovers-to-be in the Magic City.

Drawn in and Spellbound


A belated follow up to last Friday’s Moth Story Tour, at which 5 1/2 storytellers got up and spun their tales in Miami last weekend. The 1/2 was Andy Borowitz who got up, told a couple jokes that I saw him do 3 months ago at the Miami Book Fair, and then sat back down. The real story tellers included: Jonathan Ames, Boris Timanovsky, Jeffrey Rudell and Miami’s own Jim DeFede (who, unfortunately Eira and I didn’t get to see because I had to pick my brother up at the airport and this thing was out in West Bumblefuck (ie The Village of Palmetto Bay) don’t even get me started on that place, it’s a whole other post)

The performances were amazing and took me completely out of the frazzled-angry mood that the nightmare rush-hour journey to The Village had put me in and brought me to a variety of much more interesting locales…

Anna Nicole Smith Dead At Hard Rock


This just in – Anna Nicole Smith collapsed and died at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood Florida ( 20 minutes from here ) about 2 hours ago. read the Herald for latest updates.

Blogger Dinner

Last night , at Town Restaurant in South Miami, a bloggeratti dinner was held for Miami movers and shakers,along with visitors from all over the USA, South America,the Caribbean and Europe.Almost all were taking part at the We Media Conference at University of Miami.

The following blogs and organizations were represented : Sex and the Beach , Hyku, Web-Strategist, Red Couch, Roblimo, Nobox, NetPolitique, Geektastik, Webpl, TopSpeed, MiamiBeach411, Misha-Pooh, Consumable Joy, StarIslanders, Andy Carvin, Spap-Oop, Social Media, Periodisimo de Paz, Pop PR, Chic Shopping Paris, Discovery, Red and Black, Miami New TImes, NYU, Publicivity, Parmet, NowPublic, Audio Expansion, PBS, Digimills, Daily Candy, Global Voices Online, MyBlogLog, Florida Venture Blog, Media Bloggers, Joe Logon, Digital Media Strategy, Blogher, ArcticTropic Adventure Travel Blog and of course – Metroblogging Miami. The entire event was organized by ScrapBlog.

Welcome Pittsburgh !


Pittsburgh is MetroBlogging’s 52nd City ! Please welcome them and check out their posts.

South Beach Super Street Scene


Coming back from the beach ,we got a shot of this Saleen C-7, retailing for $600,000.

SuperBowl Ad Extravaganza


I took this shot yesterday at 10th Street Beach. Very effective old-school advertising here.

Just Another Sunday To Me


In case you’re like me, you might not be aware – or care – that the Superbowl is in town this weekend. The folks over the the Miami Herald reminded me of this fact with their picture of the day (above) taken at Tootsie’s Cabaret. They tout themselves as a great place to watch the game – given their 30-plus plasma screens and their 10-plus projection screens. Not to mention all the (99%) naked ladies. The wheel these girls are spinning – it’s called the Wheel of Friction. I wonder if the Herald used a little of ye olde photoshoppe effects to blur out the options, which include $100 Tootsie Dollars, $100 Gift Certificate for a Tattoo and 10 Free Drinks among others. Sounds like a good night. With or without the Superbowl. (And I’m not going through a stripper thing – it’s just a coincidence, dammit!)

Anyway, in case you are interested there are two great teams going against each other. More than likely they’re named after strong, noble animals known for attacking or charging. (Unless you’re the Dolphins, which are just cute, and can jump through rings for snacks.) More than likely the score will be overwhelmingly lopsided. More than likely, millions will get heartburn. And millions will be spent on heartburn advertising. More than likely Miami will be one giant clusterfuck – just like it is every big out-of-towner weekend – and locals will be loathe to leave their houses.

So yeah, every sports anchor with a budget is standing on the beach or in front of some Art Deco hotel, gabbing some cutesie story about all the tickets being offered or asked for on Craigslist and how not to get taken for a ride. And all the travelling members of the worlds oldest profession have surely checked into their hotels – that they will only see in daytime hours. Beer will be bought, chili will be eaten, and the strippers will keep on stripping.

I love Miami. Even on Super Bowl weekend.

Love to the Luna Star

A propos of nothing, I have to give a brief shout out the Luna Star Cafe.

In a city like ours which doesn’t offer much in the way of clean wel lit places, this cozy eatery/bar/music venue/cafe located just across the street from MOCA on 125th St in North Miami is run, frequented and populated by earnest, folksy people who congregate in a decor that looks a little bit like your amnesiac boozehound of a grandmother had started taking the homey furniture in her apartment and nailed some pieces upside down to the ceiling while adding random things that she had found out in the garage, all the while still not quite loosing the quaint feeling (complete with cats curled up in nooks).

You know how old school they are at the Luna Star:
1. Their hours of operation are “Open in the evenings until the action winds down.”
2. Luna Star’s owner and her customers protested vehemently against the Starbucks that recently opened across the street even though their hours don’t really conflict just on the basis that Starbucks represent the “Evil Empire”.
3. They host their webiste on geocities (remember geocities)
4. Their menu warns, “We do not have sliced citrus for your ice water or iced tea. Besides, you should be drinking beer.”

They have all kinds of shows and acts that come through the Luna Star as well as an extensive beer list and short but tasty food menu but, for my money, the way to experience it at its fullest is to catch the open Mic night which happens the second and fourth saturday night of every month. Many of the regular patrons pic up a guitar, harmonica, piano or whatever happens to be lying around (some have been known to just bang on chairs if necessary) to perform the most heartfelt versions of songs you have ever heard. It is hard to describe the magic of watching people who, irrespective of talent, crack themselves open and lay themselves out to tunes they love. I honestly had never hear Scarborough Fair until I heard the bluesy heartbroken story sung from 8 feet away after 4 or 5 bears. It was enough to make a grown man cry.

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