Here’s a little story, I got to tell


For those of you who like a good story and want to see some real live professional yarn-spinners do their thing, The Moth Story Tour, featuring Andy Borowitz, Jonathan Ames and Miami’s own Jim DeFede, is coming to the Deering Estate (Palmetto Village) next Friday, February 2nd to kick off the South Bay Festival of the Arts.

I can’t speak for all of these guys but I saw Andy Borowitz at the Miami Book Fair a few months ago and the guy is not just funny and smart, but tells the kind of stories that make you feel funnier and smarter just for having heard them.

Jim DeFede, is kinda widely known as the conscience of the fourth estate in our fair city and has done a bunch to help bring to light the shadier side of Miami politics. I’ve never seen him speak but I did see him eating wings at Shucker’s one time. Just thought I’d mention it.

For those of you who can’t make it, Eira and I are hoping to attend and we’ll let you know what we think for next time they come around…

For those of you who are so excited by the idea of live storytelling that you can’t wait to throw your hat into the arena and show people what kind of story-skills you’re packing, you missed your chance to enter the Moth Stories Contest for this year, but you should check out the website which has a whole bunch of stories, including last year’s winner, so you can start practicing for next year,

And finally, for those of you who caught the Beastie Boys reference in the Title and still think that three bad brothers’ story about a horsie and a quart of beer qualifies as story-telling, here’s the Wikipedia entry on Paul Revere, which is a pretty good yarn in and of itself, you know what I’m talking about, boy.

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