Kayaking by Moonlight (unless its cloudy and then you’re just paddling in the dark)


If, like me, you made a New Year’s resolution to cut down on the alcohol intake and you’re wondering what the heck to do with yourself on a Friday or Saturday night, particularly when the moon is full and you’re feeling a little frisky, you might want to think about paddling around Biscayne Bay and then heading to Monument Island for a Weenie Roast with South Beach Kayak (1771 Purdy Ave On the bay, just north of the Venetian Causeway, 305 673-2845 or 305 332-2853, no link to a website ’cause I couldn’t find a website).

Ana Marie, the head kayaker, will take you on a leisurely paddle around the Venetian (and assorted other) Isands, timing it so that you can watch the sunset over downtown and peer into the houses of the high and mighty, many of whom are out on their docks getting their party on… and, if you’re curious she can point out which muckety-muck lives in which mcmansion.

If you’re not on the wagon, by the time you get to the island you’ll have had a few beers and then you can really let loose and get to know your fellow paddlers.

But even sober, you can find a nice spot on the sand throw down a towel and enjoy the weird disconnect of lying on your back in the middle of a city and seeing enough of the stars to just barely make out the angle of attack for the little green men that are coming take us away.

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