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Jimbo’s !


Finally, at the very end of the Virginia Key road is Jimbo’s. It’s amazing that this place even has a website. It’s real Old Florida – not many places like this any more. Menu – smoked tuna and icy cold beer.

Photo Shoot

As we got back to the Virginia Key parking lot, a bathing suit model was being photographed.

Virginia Key


Although I’ve lived here 4 years, I had never been to Virginia Key. Today, my sons and I decided to head out there for a bit of adventure. Swimming,snorkeling and windsurfing are great, and there’s nice bike trails though the forests. This site has a bit of history about the island. In less enlightened days when Miami was still a Southern city, Virginia Key was the only beach that African-Americans could go to.

SWAT in Opa-Locka


Last night there was a real Wild West style shoot ’em up in Opa-Locka -one of the most dangerous areas in the United States. Apparently some local “businessmen” didn’t like the police prying into their activities.

( Photo courtesy of Miami Herald.)

Miami Fashion Week: Day 2, Much Better

jlo.jpgWhat a difference a day makes! After a dismal opening show Wednesday at the Carnival Center, Miami Fashion Week finally hit its stride Thursday night, with the JLo show. On display were simple yet adorable clothes aimed at the late-teens/early-20’s woman, with high hems and bright colors throughout. The line featured a lot of knits, creating a nice body-hugging look; they also used denim for several pieces, although that wasn’t as exciting a result. No matter, the clothes were interesting and cute. The picture here doesn’t do the show justice.

Granted, her show came after some shaky entries: swimwear designer Luli Fama showed cute-but-uninspired designs, and a string of eveningwear from various South American labels paraded down the runway all looking the same. But just as things were starting to look dim, Mrs. Marc Anthony stepped in and saved the day.

Actually, it’s quite clear Jennifer Lopez has very little, if anything at all, to do with the design of the clothes–she wasn’t even at the show–but that’s probably for the best. Everything was beautifully constructed and tastefully displayed. The audience even got free sunglasses in their giftbags. Thanks Jen! And no, that green Versace dress that La Lopez wore to show off all her goodies was nowhere to be found. Thankfully.

Fashion Week Bomb

fashion_week_miami.jpgDid you hear the bomb last night? No, it wasn’t a North Korean nuclear warhead hitting downtown. It was the opening night show for Fashion Week Miami Beach, held at the Knight Concert Hall in the Carnival Center. What a disaster! Sponsored by Harper’s Bazaar en Español, the evening was a collaborative presentation of the big names in fashion, shown all at once. That in itself could have been alright, if they hadn’t just grabbed the clothes from Dadeland Mall and pulled the models from the latest graduating class of Barbizon.

All the models came out in one continuous stream, so an announcer would say “CHRISTIAN DIOR!” or “DOLCE AND GABANNA!” or whatever designer was coming up, and a few models would wander out onto the stage, giving the audience nasty looks. Although those nasty “I’m too sexy” looks only work if the clothes are interesting…which, for the most part, they weren’t.

The one saving grace was the short segment featuring Silvia Tcherassi, the Colombian designer based in Miami who makes eveningwear for the upper-class latina set. Like a jolt of electricity into the corpse that was the entire evening, Tcherassi’s designs were innovatively-designed and flawlessly-executed. Gorgeous, gorgeous, goregous. Sadly, she only showed three gowns, but when those three gowns hit the stage the audience literally burst into applause–perhaps not so much for the excellence of the designs, but because there was finally something interesting to look at. That should be why Miami hosts a fashion week at all: show off what we have to offer, bring Latin American designers to the forefront of the fashion media. Don’t recycle the castoffs of greater shows elsewhere.

What happened here? Miami used to be on the fashion map. In the past, our Fashion Week has featured some pretty good shows–memories of Sean John and Roberto Cavalli come blissfully to mind. But this time around, the only show with any legitimacy is JLO, and everyone knows Jennifer Lopez doesn’t have much to do with designing those clothes anyway. One can only hope the rest of the week will be better…and next time around, shows like the Harper’s Bazaar debacle won’t happen at all.

Miss Naomi Wilzig – Erotic Artist

Miami Honors ‘Grandmother’ of Erotic Art – Miss Naomi Wilzig

One of the world’s most unique art collectors, 71 year old Naomi Wilzig will be presented with the Key to the City of Miami Beach to mark the one year anniversary of her World Erotic Art Museum ( The tribute, in recognition of her help in “enhancing the cultural stature of Miami Beach,” will be presented to her by Tourism Director, Michael Aller, on Wednesday, October 18th.

“I am honored and proud. This past year has been a revelation to me. I have welcomed a wide spectrum of visitors of all ages, and most personally thank me for opening their eyes to this hidden genre of art — which they never realized existed,” says “Miss Naomi.” [Read FULL article here]

Wow!! I’m sure she can teach all of us a thing-or-three. Never underestimate what goes on in elders’ minds. You know how we cover the ears of the young and the old to spare their innocence. Hmm…

I guess if you were a freak 20 years ago, you probably still are. Get it grandma .. My favorite is the Male Satyr Head .. you’ll see it and probably agree !?! ;-)

Check out a slideshow of her art @

World Erotic Art Museum
Open 7 days – 11am to Midnight
1205 Washington Ave

[Times photos: Lance A. Rothstein]

Teachers Protest for Higher Pay


Nearly 2,000 Miami-Dade teachers weren’t in school today as protests over lagging contract negotiations continued countywide, especially at district headquarters, where the School Board is holding its monthly meeting this afternoon.

The tally of excused absences was 1,938 in a school system of more than 21,000 teachers, according to district spokesman John Schuster. Most of the teachers took either a personal leave day or sick day, he added.

[Link to VIDEO] [Link to ARTICLE]

Yesterday, when I spoke to my nephew about school he told me his teacher was out sick for health problems. Thank God kids don’t read the newspaper that young. He is turning 11 on Friday the 13th. He said a substitute was there and he hopes his teacher is feeling better. I know several teachers and it is a thankless job. Overcrowded schools, strange grading policies, misdiagnosed students, pressure to perform, fear of violence etc. Heard they are back in school today. Good Luck guys .. hope it works out for all involved .. our kids need you.

Coral Gables Oktoberfest


Here are Victor, Eric and Dean with Lindsay at the 12th Annual Coral Gables Oktoberfest at Fritz & Franz Bierhous located at 60 Merrick Way.

The Oktoberfest celebration runs from now until October 15, 2006. You can eat inside or outside. Look for the white tents and the German bands. It’s a lot of fun and there is lots to eat and drink

Italian Horror Masters Festival


Tonight: Black Sabbath: Director Mario Bava opens the Italian Horror Masters Festival with a trilogy, three elegantly creepy tales of fear based on literary masters of the macabre; 8:30 p.m., Miami Beach Cinematheque, 512 Española Way, Miami Beach; $10, $6 new members (sign-up at the door). Call 305-67-FILMS or access

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