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Yesterday I went to an event where our Governor was speaking. The subject was on Latin American affairs – very important for Miami. There is a lot of speculation on what his next job will be – he leaves office in 64 days- most likely it will involve moving back to Miami and working on Latin American issues. To continue his excellent pro-Miami policies , one should vote for Charlie Crist. He understands our role as a world power and the need for excellent trade and diplomatic relations. His opponent would concentrate power from Tallahassee – creating huge bureaucracy when quick decisions are needed !

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  1. grog argh (unregistered) on October 29th, 2006 @ 8:24 am

    You need to get your head out of your ass. “To continue his excellent pro-Miami policies” like what? Has life really gotten any better here in Miami (or Florida for that matter) since these people you support got into office? What about the amount of Florida families affected by lost loved ones in Iraq? What about the state of health care? It cost my mother nearly $700 to get a stupid ultra sound because she has no insurance. What about “no child left behind”? The state of education in this state is PATHETIC. Kids are failing the FCAT, schools are getting “F” grades causing people to flee our public school system (at least those that can afford it).

    And what about that embarrassing fiasco over a Terri Shiavo? (maybe she rest in peace). This IDIOT governor of ours tried everything he could to force his own law over that of our state constitution.

    So once again I tell you – GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS. If all you can talk about is what good “latin american” policies will do for Miami by voting for Crist, then you are an idiot and you have no idea what is going on.

    Get out of your cave and look around you – the stench of nervousness precludes you – you KNOW people are unhappy and the wind of change is in the air.

    I personally doubt Crist will lose to Davis, because I have no doubt that this state (and especially city of Miami with all these Cubans that vote republican because they feel they have to or because they got some grudge against Kennedy) have a lot of morons that vote without ever really thinking about what they vote for.

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