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I purposely waited a few weeks before I reviewed the new show Dexter on Showtime. In the past I’ve been very disappointed at shows that claim to be shot in Miami or about Miami. I don’t have to tell you which show I’m talking about, do I? Said show is shot mostly in California with cheesy graphics and stock images of South Beach, not to mention the overly dramatic lead actor. Moving on ..

Dexter is a very “thick” show, if I can use that word. It has drama, sex, violence, blood, mystery and actual substance. Dexter, the guy from Six Feet Under lives in a Miami Beach apartment and is obsessed with anything to do with blood. He has a job as a blood spatter expert and also is a fearless killer. Theories are flying over the Internet about the identity of the mystery ice truck killer that is killing and mutilating prostitutes (from Biscayne I’m sure) and draining their blood. Do a quick search if you want a few spoilers. I’ve seen all the shows and frankly, I love it! I have actually rearranged my Sunday TV lineup to include it – right after Amazing Race.

maggie.jpgThe show became “a real Miami” show when I saw a famous news anchor, Maggie Rodriguez from Cbs4 News, doing a story. Sounds dumb but that was cool. Apparently, she was guest anchor on “that other show” also. Why is “that other show” so popular? I can’t watch it for more than 5 minutes before my remote changes the channel on its own. My remote says, “Give me a __ break!”

I’m going to try to get a spot on Dexter as one of the hookers or a new cop that gives that Lieutenant a run for her money. Remember her from NY Undercover and Oz, I like her.

Anyway, check out Dexter on Sundays @ 10. You won’t be disappointed. I’d suggest you watch Shows 1 – 3 in advance. The plot is too complicated to understand if you don’t know why he has “issues with sex”. You really won’t get how creepy he really is either. The only bad things I have to say about that show are, he is always sweaty which is bull. Miami is not Arizona. Also, the filter that they use on the cameras is diffused, making Miami look like we are in the middle of the desert watching a mirage. Get over it, Miami has terrific weather, most of the time, and put some damn captions for the spanish dialogue. I’m afraid I’m missing something.. Oh, and he needs a new haircut. ;-)

Have a great weekend everyone .. Laters …

[Dexter Website] [Watch Episode 1 & 2 Here Online]

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