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I need a clue


I need to get a clue. My friend had tickets to “The Light in the Piazza” at the new Carnival Center. I turned it down because I thought it was an opera and I don’t like that.

Now I see it all over tv and the newspapers and see what a wonderful play it is.

I did get some expensive tickets to “Wicked” for my New York trip next month, only to see that “Wicked” will be in Miami next March at a reasonable price. :(


There’s an interesting phenomenon on Miracle Mile. People are trying to be friendly, but in an annoying way.

If you go into Barnes and Noble’s music department, the second you cross the threshold, you hear a shrill voice yell out, “Hello!” And you look around and see no one, but you hear it the next time someone else enters– “Hello!” And it ends up being a small employee somewhere in the back of the store, greeting visitors.

A few stores down the block, the same happens at Jamba Juice. The whole staff stops what they are doing and they all yell out, “Hello!” and even in the middle of an order they stop what they are doing and yell out, “Hello!”

I guess this is a nice way to be friendly and it’s apparently only on Miracle Mile, because I did go to the Cingular store a few blocks away, down Ponce de Leon, and there were eight employees standing there doing nothing and when I walked in, they proceeded to ignore me and continued doing nothing; even the door greeter, which I suppose doesn’t realize what his job is.

I had to stand and beg to be waited on there. Not good. The Cingular people should take a two block field trip to Miracle Mile to see what it is all about.

Night Club Bloggers Needed


Metroblogging Miami will soon begin a series on the 25 top nightspots in Miami and Miami Beach. I would like very much to do this myself – but – I am an entrepreneur with a family. Since the scene doesn’t really pick up until 1 or 2 AM and goes strong until 6, it would be pretty difficult for me to function the next day. Therefore we are looking for bloggers who have little or no responsibilities to go out every night, check out the scene, take a few pix, and then write about it when you wake up late the next afternoon. Unfortunately we cannot pay your way – but you will get great exposure, maybe fame, and perhaps the clubs will start letting you in for free. Please post a comment if you are interested.

Opera & Ballet


This is the Opera and Ballet Hall at the Carnival Center. That’s in the building on the right if you are heading south on Biscayne Boulevard. It’s 99.9% finished, workers were still laying carpet, installing seats and adjusting lights.

Performance Hall


This is the Perfomance Hall at the Carnival Center. That is the building on the left if you are headed south along Biscayne. The Hall is made entirely of wood!

Sneak Preview


Although the official opening isn’t till the second weekend in October, a select few hundred were invited earlier this evening to a preview opening of the Carnival Arts Center – hosted by Mayor Manny Diaz. We were the first people to ever see the interior other than construction workers and architects.

It’s Shaq’s World


MIAMI (AFP) – Shaquille O’Neal, the superstar center who led the
Miami Heat to the National Basketball Association title in June, unveiled his newest project here – a US real estate firm with nationwide plans.

The O’Neal Group is eying projects and properties around the United States, the first of them being a deal with a developer for a three-tower complex in downtown Miami with 1,100 condominiums, a hotel, office and entertainment area. [Read FULL article here]

Just when you thought he couldn’t get any richer! Shaq is taking over the real estate world. Can you imagine his picture (above) on those bus stop benches? Poor competition – you can’t beat this star power. What’s up with celebrities and Miami real estate. If I had some money I would invest but the “real estate bubble” seems to affecting everyone except the multi-millionaires. Besides, who is going to say ‘No’ to Shaquille O’Neal. He will probably have 100% customer satisfaction and 0% turnover. Pave the way Shaq!!

Thailand Coup!

There is a coup in Bangkok,Thailand right now. The Army has comandeered all radio and television stations – but not the web. ( Probably don’t know what that is.) Read all about it on Bangkok Metroblogging.

Guest Blogging in NY This Week

This week, in addition to posting here on a daily basis I’ll be guest blogging in New York. It is UN week there and I will be covering some of the events. Be sure to check out New York and all the worldwide MetroBlogs.

In the next few weeks things really start heating up in Miami – as we become – the “Next New York.”

Down and Out


The Boom hasn’t touched everyone, of course. These poor souls are “sleeping it off ” and waiting for the free food van to come around again. Crack vials and smashed liquor bottles litter the sidewalks – making it difficult for me to skate. When the bulldozers come, luxury condos and clubs will take the place of this sad scene.

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