Will the Prom Queen be a guy or a girl?

Calling all prom queen wannabes: Miami is hosting its first ever (and hopefully not last) Adult Prom for the LGBT crowd. That’s code for “homosexuals,” for those of you not in the PC lingo club. Chances are, if you didn’t know what LGBT stood for, this prom is not the event for you.

I had a great time at all my school dances, since I never felt the pressure of that whole “will I get lucky tonight” issue (that answer was definitely a “no,” as my date was always a girl). For me, Prom and Homecoming and such was just a chance to dance and wear fancy shoes. But I think I’m going to go to this one too, but bring a guy–it will be fun to see if I can get lucky at the prom for once. Who am I kidding? This is Miami, gay guys always give it up on the first date.

And for the record: Hetero couples are very much encouraged to attend. And trust, any straight couple who shows up at this prom will be very popular, for having the panache to recognize the best party in town.

The Pridelines GLBT Adult Prom is September 16 at the JW Marriott, on Brickell Ave. Call 305-571-9601or email jackie@pridelines.org. To buy tickets–expensive tickets at $125, but it’s a fundraiser so you should do it–go to the Pridelines website here.

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