Construction must continue: build more offices!

226603390259.jpegWe have an addiction here in Miami–an addiction to building things high into the sky, big condos bought by people who don’t live here more than a few months each year. They don’t necessarily care about the city beyond the quality of the weather.

But the construction workers do live here–thousands of them, currently employed by these massive building projects, watching the land fill up and the flow of new jobs go dry. And there will come a day when all the condo construction comes to a halt–and the thousands of Miami construction workers currently employed by the condo boom will wake up one morning and have no place to go to work. Hmm, what to do, what to do.

Like any addiction, we have to ease out of it, not just cut ourselves off: we need to keep the construction industry employed, as the money they earn, and spend, is as much a part of our economy as the restaurants and hotels on the beach. The Herald features a story listing all the reasons Miami needs more office buildings–including the fact that all these condos will (theoretically) attract people, who may need accountants, insurance agents, bankers, etc. But we must also employ the people who helped build the condos in the first place, or the value of those nice condos will crumble.

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LINK: The office building wave [Herald]

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