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Celebrate the 4th of July…and the 2nd, and 1st

miami%20fireworks.jpegOkay, July 4 is on a Tuesday this year. Translation: we’re all going to go to parties on July 1st, maybe the 2nd. Close enough, right? So it’s not the actual day we gained independence from the U.K., but Americans aren’t that big on preserving the sanctity of their legal holidays. (If you question this, ask any Irish person if they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Or if they’d ever dream of drinking green beer.)

For some of the area’s better fireworks celebrations, check out the Miami Herald’s website. Of note:

• The AARP Model Search, one of the few celebrations that actually happens on July 4 (apparently retirees don’t have to go to work on Wednesday morning). What does this have to do with the 4th of July? Whatever, doesn’t matter, it’s hilarious.

• Watch the U.S. Department of Homeland Security naturalize new American citizens on the beach at 10th and Ocean, also July 4

• A surprisingly-affordable party at the Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, on July 1.

Just don’t go to the party at the Seaquarium, that place is depressing.

4th of July celebrations
[Miami Herald]

Famous or not, it will be a great party

dan%20renzi%20party.jpgThe main difference between L.A. and Miami: In L.A., everyone is in a bad mood because they’re not famous yet. In Miami, everyone thinks they are famous. But that just makes the people here fun.

Not to say Miami doesn’t have its share of notables–we have our NBA super-celebrities, our multi-platinum Cuban-American recording artists, our occasional actors who blow through for a shoot or two. And then there are the reality-tv personalities, who are just as recognizable, but show up without the bodyguards. Or nice cars or designer clothes or money. No matter, Miami is thrilled they are here, they throw great parties and that’s all that matters.

Of course, there are those in the media who turn up their noses at reality-TV personalities, perhaps because they’re not rich enough. Or perhaps those reporters applied to be on the shows themselves, and are bitter they were turned down. Whatever the reason, there are some reporters who enjoy taking their shots. Thankfully for those Real World people like Mr. Daniel Renzi–or just Dan, first names only on those reality shows, you know–who can stick up for themselves and throw down when the time comes. Speedpitching Luncheon will host a speedpitching luncheon on June 29, 2006 in Miami. The luncheon provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to several groups of accredited angel investors, rotating in a fast-paced, speed-dating style. Angel investors will learn about the most promising business opportunities without the drudgery of long, impersonal presentations.
Click here to view a video about our previous event.

World Cup 2006: Who should I cheer for?

Click here for the team chooser.

World’s Largest HD Screen

Tiene 15.24 metros de alto, 41.75 metros de largo y de manera diagonal mide 45.36 metros. Fue fabricada por Daktronics, es la más grande de su tipo y está dentro del estadio del equipo de los Dolphins de Miami. (gentileza de FayerWayer)

Hecer negocios en Miami

By Carlos Molina en América Economia

A pesar de las apariencias, cualquier semejanza con la realidad latinoamericana es pura coincidencia. Un lugar común entre la diáspora empresarial latina es presumir que Florida, con sus acentos y ritmos hispanos, es territorio familiar y, en muchos sentidos, casi un calco de nuestros países. Nada más equivocado: el sur de Florida, y Miami en particular, es latino por fuera, pero muy gringo por dentro.

In Madrid Today


I arrived in Madrid this morning – working here this week – and went to a bullfight at the Plaza de Toros at 7 PM Madrid time (1 PM in Miami). Madrid and Miami have a lot in common in relation to Latin America – culturally, economically and politically.

Sign Ups

Sign ups are continuing. A message for Marcus – please post again, your email was misplaced. Thanks

At the Heat Parade today





Hilarious Propaganda


The Miami Herald has a paid link to this idiotic bit of propaganda put out by the telecom – funded astroturf group “Hands Off The Internet ” One wonders if it is a joke – it is not . The objective is sinister – contact our Senators at the links posted last week !

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