World Citizen Guide. (si hay algo que admiro de los estadounidences, es que reaccionan y se adaptan rápido.)

“For years, many people in the world have had a great fondness for America. They have admired our culture, our products and our cheerful, fun-loving nature. In recent years, however, there has been a signifi cant shift in those feelings. Research studies show that, for a number of reasons, “favorablility” ratings for America are declining around the world. While it is true that the rise in negative feelings toward us may result from perceptions more than reality, it is also true that perceptions are powerful opinion makers. You, and the 55-60 million other Americans who travel abroad each year, have a unique opportunity to change at least some impressions of us from negative to positive. By following the few simple suggestions in this guide, you can have a better travel experience while howing America’s best face to those you visit.” Business for Diplomatic Action. You can get the guide here.

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