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Hello fellow bloggers and blog readers (there should be a term coined for them/us),

Glad to be at your service where you will be subjected to stories of my adventures and misadventures in this sprawling city of Miami. My name is Bianca and I am a transplanted Californian of about 3 years. I am an Americanized Mexican who’s mole enchiladas will make friends salivate like Pavlov’s dog and Pablo Neruda’s poems place expressions of perplexity on my face. I hear that Spanish is a much more passionate language…I wonder if sex is better in Spanish (Do Spanish pornos sell better than English pornos?).

Above is a photo of me in Mexicali with a good friend of mine, Tschetan, so that you may print it out in full color on picture paper and throw darts or blow kisses at my tiny head. Or to simply put a face to the voice.


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  1. R. (unregistered) on May 14th, 2006 @ 3:09 am

    >blog readers (there should be
    >a term coined for them/us)

    in any case, I heartfully agree.

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