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Once Again – More Bloggers Needed

RIght now,we need some new bloggers – about four or five would be great. You should be able to post three or four times a week – writing about Miami from any perspective you like – except weather – ( people already know it’s warm here – hurricanes are OK to write about) – age,opinion,political affiliation – does not matter. This is your chance to become famous- or infamous. Local writers to a worldwide audience !

Miami FC -Pro Soccer!


Yesterday my son and I went out to Tropical Park to see the official season opener of Miami FC vs. the Montreal Impact. The score was 0-0 but it was an exciting game. Certainly Miami would have won if their star Brazilian player Rom├írio had been there. However he was held up by US visa bureaucracy (a major hindrance to all businesses) and was still down in Rio. The next home game is on May 5th and he should be on the field. Tropical Park is a beautiful place for a game – though as popularity grows , a bigger venue (like DHL Stadium) will be needed.

Out My Window

IMG_1183.JPGHere’s a shot taken out my bedroom window earlier this morning.- of a baby iguana ( who will later grow to two meters) He will enjoy today’s toasty 92 degree temperatures.

Now here’s something you don’t find in your yard everyday. Or maybe you do.

Over the weekend I was doing some yard work and found this near where I keep my trash and recycling bins. It was resting rather conspicuously on one of the wood fence beams (on my side of the fence). Great design…bad hiding place. Or maybe it was a gift from the neighborhood kids. All I know is I’m keeping the damn thing. It’s just too funny not to have around to look at now and again.

And I always thought using a squeezed-in soda can was an ingenious improvised pipe. I guess kids today are just smarter. Or maybe the weed is just weaker and killing less brain cells.

And yes, I made the effort to photograph it on black velvet. I’m in advertising…what do you expect?


PS: No, there was no fresh bud in it. Just ashy remains.

Surfs Up!

30 mile an hour winds have been blowing since Sunday. Apparently the surf has been great in some areas- though 24/7 work has kept me away from the beach. The above photo was taken in February. For up to date surf action this site and this one are the sites to check out. The sites are for pay – but with the price of gas at $2.85 for regular ,why not sign up and make sure the trip is worth it? A few of the pix will lead to free views. Also – very important – this site raises the issue of the very wasteful Army Corps of Engineers program of “beach replenishment. “

Immigration Rallies – Why Miami Is Different

In Miami 60% of the population is foreign born and 75% speak Spanish. Yet, we had some of the smallest pro-immigration rallies in the country. Today’s Herald explains some of the reasons. There are many things to be considered before one rushes headlong into the demonstrations. For one – we need immigrants to ease the labor shortage. They diversify our society – making it healthier and more vibrant. Certainly they deserve all the benefits American workers get. But citizenship? Many here in Miami are here to live, work, pay taxes, send money home – but still remain loyal to their home countries – planning to return someday, perhaps. Many often go home to visit relatives – even those who recently arrived from Cuba. Then you have others – such as Venezuelans – who are really making it here- and have transferred their money here for safety because of the current (and hopefully temporary) situation there. Peruvians will be next if the election runoffs turn out badly. Here are some other reasons:

1. Miamians are fiercely pro-American, even if they are not citizens. Perhaps they would think it better to carry an American flag to a demonstration if they wanted citizenship – not one of their home country.

2. Miamians are too busy at work to take a day off to demonstrate.

3. Political correctness is not popular here – hence no need to re-live the 60’s experience.

4.Citizenship is something to be earned over time – for those who truly want to be Americans and contribute to our society.

Welcome New and Returning Bloggers

We welcome our new and returning bloggers ! Starting in the next couple of days there will be lots more here – return often!

Local Muni Elections this Week!

If you live in Key Biscayne, Opa-Locka or the City of West Miami, you need to get your butt to the polls this month.

CITY OF WEST MIAMI: Tuesday, April 11th at the West Miami Community Center & City Hall (901 SW 62 AVE)
KEY BISCAYNE: Tuesday, April 11th via mail-in.
OPA-LOCKA: Tuesday, April 25th at various polling places. (Locations:

Info: 305-499-VOTE

Dry Season

IMG_1146.JPG It has been a very dry dry season this year. In most areas the last big rain was Hurricane Wilma on October 24th. Here in Miami we did have a big deluge 12 days ago – dropping 2 to 3 inches,but many areas had .02 inches or less in March. Key West has had only an inch since October.Today’s Herald has an article saying that we are in a pattern that may last until June or longer. Some may complain – but I love it – I am a veteran of many cold grey Northeastern winters,springs,and sometimes summers.

More Ultra

IMG_0904.JPG Here is a shot of one of the world’s greatest DJ’s – Paul Van Dyk – rocking the crowds throughout the night. He followed Prodigy and Paul Oakenfold on the main stage.

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