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It Was Right Next To Beth Ostrosky’s Breast

I finally got to Art Basel today and I was amazed how many artists I actually recognized, however it’s a bit embarassing when you think to yourself “Ahh, I read about this piece in FHM: For Him Magazine

Art Basel Overcomes Bloggers

Perhaps you noticed the lack of postiness yesterday.

Over on my site, I ditched the whole posting of announcements thing a few days ago because I couldn’t keep up. And I don’t know about your house, but chez mine it looks as if we’ve never been introduced to the concept of housekeeping.

We’re all beat! It’s the last day, but there’s still a lot to do . . .

Low-tech Blogging at the Miami Beach Library!

Starting at noon today, the Miami-Dade County Public Library System will be presenting THE (DECOM)PRESS ROOM. Located in the auditorium, the library has made equipment such as typewriters, tape-recorders and transparancies available to the public for the purposes of recording their experiences associated with Art Basel Miami Beach. The project hours are from 12 to 5 PM, from December 2 – 3, and from 1 PM to 5 PM Sunday, December 4. [Edited to correct Sunday hours]

All materials produced will be compiled into an artist’s book to remain in the Library System’s Permanent Collection.

In collaboration with THE (DECOM)PRESS ROOM, there will be live-blogging of selected patron writings available on THE (DECOM)PRESS ROOM blog.

See my announcement on the next few hours for more details.

Overheard at Aqua

Aqua attendee to dealer: “So do these fairs go on all year, or only when Art Basel is happening?”

Dealer: “No, only durring Art Basel Miami Beach. That’s kind of the idea behind them, if there was no ABMB these fairs wouldn’t be happening.”

Attendee: “OH! OK, that makes much more sense. I was trying to figure out if there was enough business to sustain these fairs all year long or if they just made enough money this weekend to stay open all year.”

Herald edits letter to editor with crowbar, publishes

My letter of comment, before some fourth grader at the Miami Herald got a hold of it and turned into this.

Dear Editor:

I am an alumnus of the University of Miami, with a Master’s of Fine Arts in Painting, 1994. I also publish, a blog that covers the art world locally and abroad. I was dismayed to learn that Kyle Munzenrieder, a fellow writer at, was removed from UM student housing for his blogging at

Mr. Munzenrieder published a post that hyperlinked to what the Nov. 23 article in the Herald described as a rap song that “included several males describing lewd sexual acts in detail, including group sex references.” The creators of the nine-minute song were current members of the UM football team and former UM housing residents. The post was picked up by ESPN and bad publicity ensued, although the reported behavior surprised few of us familiar with the culture of college football and the history of this specific team.

On Nov. 28, the Herald published a response from Jerry Lewis [sic], vice president of communications at UM, saying that “there is no connection between the Seventh Floor Crew rap song issue and the student being returned to his parents’ supervision.” Rather, “UM officials discovered that the student had used university property and its computer network to post highly inappropriate and explicit photographs and, as the student indicated in the story, he also posted a suicide note.”

Munzenrieder has already explained to UM officials that the suicide note was a joke; Lewis undoubtedly knows this, and chose not to share it with your readers. Munznenrieder characterizes the other assertion as a lie, and points out convincingly that had he violated UM’s technology usage policies, he would have been subjected to a hearing as afforded by the school’s student rights policies. Nothing of the sort took place.

The prospect that my alumni donation might go towards keeping one of the Seventh Floor Crew poetasters in kneepads leaves me extremely reluctant to give to the university. I remain grateful to Munzenrieder for his indifference to the cult of football, and feel bad that its high priests at UM were able to disrupt his academic career with such impunity. If the ‘Canes are so sensitive to bad publicity, they may want to reconsider their regular provision of source material.


Franklin Einspruch

Have You Seen This Man?


He’s wandering the streets of Miami Beach, and is infected.

ABMB Photoblogging Day Two

Day two of my ABMB photo-blogging is up on abLA!

Aqua is starting to get in full swing in our first day. Must…go…work…

Inside Basel

…I’m always an outsider at Basel…always the roaming artist looking at what’s new. Taking the free drink here and there. This year, I’m working the Frieze magazine booth and this is what’s different. First, the fact that I hardly get to see the art at all. But, let’s not wax negative. The good things are this: talking to people around me, all day, that talk about things like color. “Have you noticed the fucia of so and so’s layout on page this and that…”
I like talking about color.
Also, I like that my stand is next to “The Art Newspaper” who is crazy enough to have set up shop upstairs in the convention center in order to put out a daily basel paper.
I like that there are people that still hover over the printing press (okay, okay, I’m sure they’re all hovering over chic Mac’s but…)
Lastly, there’s the excitement. I can’t help but feel like I’m at a playground full of kids that like to smear paint on walls and boys that like to wear their mother’s nailpolish.
I could talk about the bs behind it all, the venerr, the etc etc…but, again, let’s not wax negative. For now. This is how I feel today, one day into basel (yesterday was press, vip, first pick etc)…let’s see how I feel after today’s ordeal, tomorrow’s, and the next…

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