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More Miami Bloggers Needed

After a great initial launch during the Art Basel frenzy , the number of posts has dropped. Metroblogging Miami is in need of 4 new bloggers. The pay is minimal ( $ 0 ) , but the rewards of recognition and self – promotion will reap riches indirectly. You don’t have to live in Miami proper – even Ft.Lauderdale or the Keys is fine. If you are interested , reply in the comment link below. We welcome all points of view. Unlike many blogs with their monosyllabic opinions – Metroblogging is a multi-poster forum – allowing for a variety of views and debate – as I found out for myself in my first posts

This Is A College Student Complaining About Finals

I’m not sure what I’m angrier at the administration of UM for right now. The thing that everyone knows about, and is hardly worth mentioning, or the crazy “not really finals but still finals” finals schedule this semester.

The Hurricanes messed up every one’s pudding, and we missed a lot of school due to them. The victim of this was our traditional finals schedule in which we got three reading days and a week of finals. Officially we don’t have finals, but Professors are giving us end of the year tests, and some of the classes didn’t change at all. Like in my screenwriting class we still had to hand in a script, and in my Motion Pictures tech class we still had to turn in a short film.

Maybe I’m unique in the fact that I was in the middle of mini-scandal and that my Grandmother died, but this schedule has caused me so much additional stress I’m barely able to handle it.

I mean I didn’t even get the luxury of studying for my finals on the beach this year.

(also please no one point out that I’ve updated every blog I can (the lj, this, miamity) in the past two hours instead of studying)

A Reminder for the Future

Okay, so those of you who know me, could you do me a favor? Would you mind reminding me to never give my kid dessert at night again? Because damn if it isn’t a terrible idea.

What I Need after a Long, Hard Day is an Ice-Cold . . . Sangria!

One of the awesome things about living in Miami is that you can pretty much pretend that you are in any country you care to visit by going to a restaurant which serves up that country’s fare. One of the un-awesome things about living in Miami is that if you are a vegetarian, you’ll be hard-pressed to find more than two or three vegetarian restaurants. So, we vegetarians keep our eyes peeled for the tastiest vegetable offerings around, and one of my favs is to be found at a Spanish wine/tapas joint in the Gables called Copas y Tapas. The dish is called Aceitunas Alinadas . It’s a small offering of black olives, red and green peppers, red onions, and garlic in an olive oil, paprika–and possibly lemon–marinade. It’s so good! The vegetables are raw, crisp and super yummy.

Yesterday, my husband and I had a rough afternoon involving a compilcated quest which took us all over town. We even had a tiff! By the evening, we were pooped and famished, so we popped in to the place mentioned above to snack on the delicious vegetables. We also had a tasty cheese plate and two ice-cold sangrias. Though the sangria wasn’t the extra-fancy kind (or even the merely fancy kind!), that and the grub were exactly what we needed. All the quest-stress dropped away, the grumbly bellies were satiated, and we had a great conversation.

I’m A Bit Naive When It Comes To Meth

I used to think that “tina” referred to Ecstasy. See in my mind I connected “tina” with “xtina” (Christina Aguilera) with “Ecstasy”. However last night as I was randomly in the presence of someone smoking crystal meth I learned that that is actually “tina”. What a horrible nick name for a drug.

Speaking of meth, Miami Police found a meth lab run out of a shady hotel (not the one I currently live in) on Wednesday. This is only the second meth lab discovered in Miami-Dade history, and they found it accidental while tracking down a stolen computer. Something tells me that there have been a lot more than 2 meth labs in Miami through the years.

Bicycle Skill Tip

Yesterday, I went to the grocery store via bicycle. Some years ago my bicycle was my only set of wheels, and I was one of the rare Miami bike-commuters. Even though I was an experienced bike rider, there was an invaluable tip I learned one day from the guy who worked at my neighborhood Farm Stores, and I was reminded of it yesterday.

Pre-tip, I used to wear a huge backpack into which I would pack all of my groceries. It worked, but it was really heavy, and also pretty hot in the summer. However, when I would bike a few blocks over to the Farm Stores to pick up a couple of items, I wouldn’t bother with the backpack, and I would sling the handles of the plastic sac over each end of the handlebars, or I would simply carry the bag. The Farm Stores guy was familiar with me, and we were friendly, although we really couln’t communicate beyond the basics. After months of observing my bag-slinging technique, he finally stepped over with a smile and showed me the only sensible way to attach any bag to the handlebars: slip both handles of the bag over one end of the handlebars only and scoot it toward the stem, spin the bag so that the handle-straps are taut, then wrap the bag back-and-forth over, under and across the juncture of the handlebars and stem in an x-form until there is no more leeway. The bag will be centered, the contents cannot fall or shift, and your center of gravity will not be compromised. You can do this with as many bags as will fit on your handlebars.

I remembered the gift of that simple tip as I was attaching my grocery bags to my bike yesterday. The Farm Stores guy was obviously a more serious and practical bike rider than any of us with our fancy backpacks or paniers, and I’m so glad for his help.

Shooting at MIA

Air Marshalls shot and killed an unruly passenger at MIA this afternoon. It is unclear wheteher he was embarking or disembarking the plane that had just arrived from Medellin. See the Herald for further details.


I’ll be indisposed for the next month or so while I do an artist residency in Taiwan. But I plan to check in to keep up to date on Miami’s goings-on, so keep it busy here!

If you want to follow along, check out the reports at

In Freezing New York

I’m posting from New York today. I’m up here for work all week . It’s hard to beleive I was body surfing at South Point beach 48 hours ago and then walked though snowy Central Park this morning. I come up here about once a month for business. ( Dot-com Latin American ) . I am a born and bred New Yorker but now I’m glad I live in Miami – not just for the weather – it is the CIty of the Future and the Next New York.

Another Reason to Hate Wilma

It’s WLRN fundraising time! If it weren’t for Hurricane Wilma, we’d be done with it already.

Yes, we give. That’s especially why I wish it were over. If the rest of you would pledge too we could get back to normal radio, if you don’t mind.

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