Some pointers for visitors

Inspired by a recent New York Times list of Miami “insider” places, I’m offering up a list of things I appreciate about Miami that a visitor would benefit from knowing. I’m not really claiming insider status for the things listed. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. You can also bet I’m leaving some things out, but don’t worry, I’m not sending you astray.

Some things to definitely try to visit/experience:

The Bas-Fisher Invitational–an exhibition space run by artists Naomi Fisher and Hernan Bas located in the Buena Vista Building (180 NE 39 Street, 2nd Floor) in the Design District.

Locust Projects–an artist-founded not-for profit art venue in Wynwood. Awesome. Lo-Fi. They serve the beast. Milwaukee’s beast, in case you didn’t get my drift and assumed that I meant they worship Satan–though if you did think that, they wouldn’t mind.

Any art event organized by the artist Robert Chambers–frequently last minute, these events are probably the most representative and most inclusive events of our local art scene. If you hear about one, go.

Churchill’s Pub–one of local music’s last outposts. Also the mainstay venue of our spectacular “noise” bands. One advisory: if you complain about the neighborhood, you obviously deserve Mangos. Go there instead.

The walk-up window of any Cuban coffee joint–look, in Miami, we don’t really cotton to paying more than a dollar for a cup of coffee. We’ll do it, but it has to be the only thing around. When we want coffee we want a caf

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